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  1. So that concludes this lesson on problem solving, but developing better problem
  2. solving skills is reallhy a lifetime of effort. I hope some of the guidelines
  3. I've given you today will be useful for solving many problems you'll encounter
  4. in the futrue. Our first step is alwasy to not panic. Then to think about the
  5. inputs and the outputs and make sure we understand the problem by working
  6. through some examples by hand. Then to try and come up with simple mechanical
  7. solution that will be able to turn into code. And then the final step I'll
  8. mention, which is what we've been doing the last part, is to develop our
  9. solution incrementally in small steps that we can test as we go. Thank you for
  10. sticking with the lesson, and I hope you'll solve lots of hard problems in
  11. future.