Want and App? Need an App? What’s an App?

If any of these questions are plaguing you, then today’s LinkedIn Lady Show is tailor made for your next business solution. While Apps dominate the headlines in terms of the next must-have marketing solution, there is still a tremendous amount of confusion around the why and the what. To clear the mystery, my guests today are the dynamic App Chicks, Carey McLean and Jen Kelman.

Carey is the Chief Technology and Information Officer (CTIO). With over 11 years of software engineering experience, Carey is the App Chicks’ creator, technical guru, and designer. She is the queen of trouble-shooting, and always gets the job done in the most efficient manner. Jen is the Chief Content and Social Officer (CCSO). With over 11 years as an English education and 5 years in the Internet industry, Jen is the App Chick’s content writer, social media consultant, and designer. She is a motivator and artist at heart who thrives on providing information in its simplest form.

We will be discussing what kinds of apps business owners need for their business and how to publish them – regardless of whether you use HTML5 Mobile, iTunes Mobile or Android Google Play.

On your behalf I’ll ask the App Chicks the big why question followed by what you might have in your app and what a finished product might look like. Concerned about the cost, the longevity, and the real benefit to your business? They will answer these questions, too. And most important, we’ll be discussing how to promote your App once it’s designed.