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Wireless 2020: Spectrum Crisis or Broadband Abundance?

Internet Society Washington DC Chapter forum -- Wireless 2020: Spectrum Crisis or Broadband Abundance? -- at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center, Washington, DC. on November 1 2013.

The event focused on the future of United States spectrum policy.


00;03 Paula Boyd - Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Microsoft
03:22 David Vyorst - Co-Convener, Greater Washington DC Chapter of The Internet Society
05:42 Michael Nelson - Principal Technology Policy Strategist, Microsoft
09:08 Afzal Bari -Senior Technology and Telecommunications Analyst, Bloomberg Government
10:33 Michael Calabrese - Director, Wireless Future Project, Open Technology Institute
32:02 Preston F. Marshall - Google
46:17 Charla Rath, VP Wireless Policy Development, Verizon
1:00:05 Q&A

Webcast production: Troy Miller