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ISOC Chapters & Members meeting @IGF2014


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The Internet Society (ISOC) Chapters & Members meeting at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul on Tuesday September 2 2014. (Start missing)

Speakers include Walda Roseman (Chief Strategic Communications Officer), Izumi Okutani (Advisory Council Co-Chair), Raul Echeberria (Vice President, Global Engagement), and Désirée Miloshevic (Board Member). Moderator is Constance Bommelaer (Senior Director, Global Policy Partnerships).

Topics include: Why ISOC views the IGF as an indispensable element of the Internet governance ecosystem; The relationship between ISOC members and the IGF community; The importance of funding the IGF (the IGF SA); Strengthening the IGF towards tangible outcomes (e.g. IGF Best Practices). A webcast is available via the IGF