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01-02 Data Sources

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  1. Organizations have been generating data since way back, but as
  2. time goes on more and more data is being generated. IBM
  3. estimates that 90% of the world's data was created in the
  4. last two years alone. Just as a simple example, think of
  5. your cell phone. Whenever your cell phone's turned on, it's
  6. connected to cell towers. As you move around it will connect
  7. to different towers. Net difference signal strengths. All of that connection
  8. data is collected by the phone company and it's being logged.
  9. They can use that information to find dead spots in
  10. the coverage and know which towers are busiest and need
  11. increased capacity. They can even trace you if you make
  12. an emergency phone call but don't give your exact location.
  13. This is an enormous amount of data we have. Another
  14. example is when you visit a website like Amazon or
  15. Netflix. Everything you do there is logged. What pages you
  16. view, how long you spend there, where you're coming from.
  17. They can even capture things like what browser you're using.
  18. Again this is a huge amount of data. Phone data
  19. and website logs are just examples. In addition, things like
  20. x-rays are creating huge amounts of data, and people are
  21. doing research to detect similarities in tumors. The increase in
  22. the amount of data we're generating opens up huge possibilities,
  23. but it comes with problems too. We need to be
  24. able to store all this data and process it too.