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  1. If you can keep your hand
    off that mouse, guys,
  2. the world will open up to you.
  3. Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
    and uphold me with a willing spirit.
  4. Psalm 51:12
  5. I don't have any problem
  6. with us doing all kinds of things
  7. to surround men and women
  8. with protections against sexual sin,
  9. I think that's a very good idea.
  10. It's just not the main point.
  11. If that's where you
    fight the battle continually,
  12. you will never get to the
    root of the issue.
  13. The root of the issue here
  14. is this renewed heart,
  15. this joy and gladness;
  16. the bones that God has broken
  17. healed with the joy
    of our salvation.
  18. The misuse of the beautiful
    gift of sex
  19. is a symptom of a disease,
  20. not the disease.
  21. And that's why this psalm
    doesn't mention it.
  22. And it's the main issue!
  23. Or we thought it was
    the main issue.
  24. It's not the main issue.
  25. This is the main issue.
  26. Restore to me the joy
    of Your salvation,
  27. because when that joy fades,
  28. I click on pornography.
  29. When that joy fades,
  30. I start cruising the neighborhood.
  31. When that joy fades,
  32. I get an itch for another woman.
  33. When that joy fades,
  34. on and on and on...
  35. every sin on the outside
    is symptomatic
  36. of the absence of this joy.
  37. What does your heart
    say about Christ?
  38. Late at night,
  39. all alone,
  40. in front of an Internet screen,
  41. mouse ready to click,
  42. what does your heart say
  43. about Christ over pornography?
  44. For God did not call us to uncleanness,
    but in holiness.
  45. Therefore he who rejects this, does
    not reject man, but God... 1 Thess 4:7-8
  46. And I pray that You
    would come upon this gathering,
  47. and do a work that will ripple
  48. to the end of time,
  49. and to the end of the world
  50. in Jesus' name, Amen.
  51. Thousands were walking away
    from the dream they once dreamed
  52. for global impact,
  53. because of sexual sin
    in their lives,
  54. and sexual failure in their past.
  55. Thousands who have
    dreamed a dream
  56. of being radically significant
    in the world,
  57. doing something,
  58. laying down your life,
  59. sacrificing anything to spread
    the renown of Jesus Christ
  60. to the cities and the nations
  61. and the campuses;
  62. and then,
  63. you lost it.
  64. And one of the huge reasons
  65. he said that it was being lost
  66. was that there was so much
  67. guilt,
  68. and a sense of unworthiness
  69. because of sexual failure
  70. that the guilt and the unworthiness
  71. finally bled down into a gnawing
  72. sense of spiritual powerlessness,
  73. yielding the dead end street,
  74. the dead end dream
  75. of middle class, American,
    comfortable, secure
  76. security.
  77. The great tragedy of
    Christian young people's lives
  78. is not masturbation,
  79. it's not fornication,
  80. it's not being a peeping tom
  81. or a curious cathy on the Internet.
  82. The tragedy is that Satan uses
  83. the guilt of all those failures
  84. to strip you of your once radical dream
  85. and to put in its place
  86. a life that is happy and safe
  87. and secure, American, middle class,
  88. filled with superficial pleasures,
  89. so that you someday die

  90. on your lakeside rocking chair,
  91. wrinkled and useless
  92. and leaving a big, fat inheritance
  93. to your middle-aged children
  94. to confirm them in their worldliness.
  95. That's what he wants to sell you
  96. because you failed so badly.
  97. And the only alternative is that.
  98. Instead of what you once dreamed
  99. for Christ and His Kingdom.
  100. And I have not come here
  101. to waste your time or my time.
  102. I have come with a passion
  103. that you not waste your life.
  104. Our people are laid waste
  105. with sexual temptation.
  106. Why?
  107. Because our souls have shriveled up
  108. to the size of a t.v. sitcom.
  109. I mean, can you imagine
  110. soaking in front of soaps or sitcoms
  111. for hours on end,
  112. and then going to a church
  113. where they don't give
    a rip about theology,
  114. and then thinking
    you're going to have
  115. any fiber in the tree of your faith.
  116. You're just going to get blown flat.
  117. That's what's going to happen.
  118. And so find the right church,
  119. and read your Bibles,
    and read the right books.
  120. Theology
  121. with passion for Jesus
  122. can conquer biology.