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  1. Velocity, the third v, is about the speed at which the data
  2. arrives, ready to be processed. We need to be able to accept
  3. and store that data, even when it's coming in at a rate
  4. of terabytes per day. If we can't store it as it arrives,
  5. we'll end up discarding some of it, and that's what we want
  6. to avoid. Think about an ecommerce website. If we knew what products
  7. you've looked at in the past, we can recommend similar products the
  8. next time you visit our site. If you've had spent five minutes
  9. looking at a particular item, we could maybe send you
  10. an email informing you the product is on sale. If
  11. we know that you typically browse our site using a
  12. first generation iPad, we could suggest the latest model. This is
  13. a huge difference to what we could do before, when
  14. we only stored the records of the actual purchases. If we
  15. can store and process all of our web server logs,
  16. along with the purchase data that's in our traditional data warehouse.
  17. We could give the customer a much better
  18. shopping experience. Which would directly translate into bigger profits.
  19. Yet another example is a movie site like Netflix.
  20. Based on what they know about your viewing habits,
  21. they can recommend movies to you. As you can
  22. see here, because of what Ian's rated highly before,
  23. this movie is recommend to him. And they can
  24. even predict what rating he would give this movie.