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Epic Rap Battles of History

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  1. step up
  2. you’ll be shocked
  3. when I spit and start static
  4. I’ll rip your style and add it
  5. to my long list of patents
  6. while you were busy
  7. digging ditches
  8. and burning bridges
  9. I’m pumping out inventions
  10. stacking riches
  11. so go back to your pigeons
  12. you’re a geek
  13. plagued by OCD
  14. you never had sex
  15. but you sure got screwed by me
  16. I’ll crush you Tesla
  17. there’s just no putting it gently
  18. I don’t alternate my flow
  19. I diss you directly
  20. I see a universe of infinite energy
  21. but no potential for threat
  22. from this enemy
  23. so you can call me Tesla
  24. Nikola
  25. impeccably dressed
  26. giving lessons in electrical nemesis
  27. this will be on the test
  28. so confess
  29. to your thefts
  30. and let the whole world know
  31. what the Serbian did
  32. for the Wizard of Menlo
  33. history is getting rewritten
  34. and I have reddit
  35. your best invention
  36. was a way to steal credit
  37. the truth hertz
  38. you’re broke and washed up
  39. don’t give a smidgen
  40. ‘bout your visions
  41. if they can’t make a buck
  42. I conduct business
  43. understood
  44. things you never could
  45. so dope
  46. that I even make New Jersey look good
  47. I’m on the record I invented
  48. you got duped there I said it
  49. and I’ll bet you 50 thousand dollars
  50. that you’ll never forget it
  51. without me
  52. here’s a taste
  53. of what this battle would be
  54. no lights
  55. no camera
  56. no sound
  57. see?
  58. you fool
  59. you think that you can
  60. touch me with this?
  61. you couldn’t handle my gifts
  62. with your greedy little mind
  63. what’s inside mine
  64. was ahead of it’s own time
  65. you did not steal from me
  66. you stole me from mankind
  67. it’s a wireless transmission of truth
  68. and it’s a shocking real story
  69. of a banker and you
  70. and if the people knew
  71. you stopped me from making power free
  72. they would curse
  73. the con Edison with every utility
  74. who won?
  75. who's next?
  76. you decide