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  1. >> So okay, so this is kind of a plastic material. You have sort of a, there's
  2. this guy who's kind of rubbery or, so what kind of materials are there? >> So
  3. there's lots of different kinds of 3D printing but right now you can almost
  4. three d print any material that you can think of. I've seen things that are
  5. bronze, we've done things out of different types of metals. >> All sorts of
  6. plastics. This one has a rubberized fading into a plastic texture. >> Hm. >>
  7. Which is kind of crazy, so this is all one print also. And it has the rubber
  8. going right into the hard clear plastic, which is pretty crazy. This was also
  9. designed in a super easy program called 123 3D design that I mean, children
  10. could do it. I mean, all the parts are in there native and you just stick them
  11. together and this is what you get out at the end. >> Uh-huh. >> You know, no
  12. other time in history. >> Yeah right. >> Could you ever put something together
  13. this quickly that of this caliber.