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  1. Our third question, student Redmars asks,
  2. "Why did we choose Python?"
  3. >>So, there are lots of languages we could have chosen--
  4. The real reason for choosing Python is--
  5. it is a very simple language, but it is also a language that is widely used,
  6. and can very quickly get you on the path to building interesting programs.
  7. There are many, many programming languages.
  8. It is definitely important, and a great thing as you develop as a computer scientist
  9. that you learn more and more languages.
  10. But, to start with a language that will be easy to learn, and still powerful--
  11. Python is a great choice for that.
  12. There are certainly some other choices,
  13. but I happen to think Python is a good one for this class.