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  1. Let's talk about a problem that often occurs in robotics called a "systematic bias."
  2. It goes as follows.
  3. When you ordered your car, you believed the front wheels were 100% aligned,
  4. but your mechanic made a mistake, and he aligned the wheels a little bit at an angle.
  5. Now, for people that isn't a big concern. When we notice this we just steer a little bit stronger.
  6. But let's try this out with out our proportional controller.
  7. I'm now adding a line that sets the steering drift to be 10 degrees,
  8. which in radians is this expression over here, using setsteeringdrift command.
  9. I now want you to run my proportional controller with parameter 0.2,
  10. and for now we're going to set the differential controller to zero.
  11. When you do this, what happens?
  12. It works just as before or it causes a new, big crosstrack error?
  13. Go try it out.