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  1. For this first term, we'll have 5 divided by 5, which equals 1, we'll have a
  2. cubed in the numerator and one b in the numerator as well. The second term would
  3. be, 8a squared b, we'll have a squared in the numerator, and one b in the
  4. numerator as well. For the third term, we'll have positive 3a, we'll have one a
  5. left in the numerator, and b squared, divided by b squared, makes 1, so just
  6. positive 3a for the third term. And finally, for the last term, we'll just have
  7. negative 12, 60 divided by 5 equals 12, and the sign is negative, so we need to
  8. make sure we include that here. Ab Squared divided by ab squared would just
  9. equal 1, that's why we're only left with negative 12. This would be our answer
  10. to our division problem.