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  1. One thing we know about the stress response, is some of the effects it has on
  2. the brain. If you remember from lesson three about the brain, or even our
  3. memory lesson, we know that it's important for learning and memory. In fact,
  4. the hippocampus has a large number of receptors for cortisol, which again, is
  5. the stress hormone. We see the stress-related release of cortisol can cause
  6. dendrites in the hippocampus to shrink. Now, if you remember from Lesson three,
  7. dendrites are what come off of a neuron to collect information. This shrinkage
  8. can interfere with several types of memory. Moreover, we see that stress can
  9. decrease the amount of neurogenesis. So, new neural growth in the hippocampus,
  10. which in turn inhibits synaptic plasticity, which will interfere with learning
  11. and memory. So, in short, stress is bad for learning and memory.