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Homework 3 4 k Nearest Neighbors ANSWER

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  1. And the answer would be this box over here
  2. and this box over here, nothing else.
  3. This guy has clearly 4 positive nearest neighbors,
  4. so no matter what the 5th one is we stay positive.
  5. Similarly, this guy over here,
  6. when you draw a circle,
  7. has probably these 4 guys as nearest neighbors,
  8. perhaps this one as well, but it is a little further away.
  9. With those 4 ones, it already has 3 pluses,
  10. so whatever the 5th one is it can't overturn, it must be positive.
  11. All of these are negative, even this one over here has just 2 pluses as neighbors
  12. that are positive, and those guys over here are all negative.
  13. Similarly, over here there are possibly 2 pluses
  14. in the 5 nearest neighbors,
  15. but these guys over here are all negative, and this guy is
  16. surrounded by negative examples, so they will just be negative.