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  1. So you can probably guess what this question would be. You
  2. are going to find a persona created by one of your classmates
  3. in use case. And you are going to create a feature
  4. list and a flow for them. And once you've done that,
  5. you are going to respond to their post in the forum,
  6. and hopefully engage in the discussion. You can maximize your chances
  7. of engaging in a discussion if you choose a student who
  8. has posted recently. If you choose someone who posted six months ago,
  9. it might be hard. And hopefully the feature list info that you create for
  10. this student persona in use case will be really perfect for them. But it might
  11. not be. This stuff is not super trivial. And if it's not, that's good. Use
  12. this as an opportunity to see where you went wrong and how you can improve.