Are you Inspiring or Annoying Your Audience?

It’s been awhile since I did a mailbag show where I answer questions that have been sent to me by email or from audiences while I am out speaking. I have some great questions and answers to share today. They point up the level of sincere inquiry as well as frustrations many people are experiencing when it comes to social media.

Questions today include:
1. I don’t know what to post and I’ve been using inspirational quotes. Is there a trick to getting people to like, comment or share them?
2. My web developer told me that I need to work on getting more backlinks to my site. I think I know what this means, but what are the best ones to pursue?
3. How important is it that I have a blog in addition to my website and my social media presence? Currently I use facebook and I’m doing okay but would like to increase my likes and lead capture.
4. I know you talk a lot about measuring and I’m trying to figure out my conversion rates for actual sales based on social media. Is there a reliable method for tracking this information?
5. I was downsized about 6 months ago and my LinkedIn profile still shows my previous job. I don’t want to look needy but I feel I am being dishonest. Do you have any suggestions on how I should handle this?