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Audre Lorde Resurrection Sunday #8: Diaspora

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Launched on Nov. 17th 2013 on the 21st anniversary of Audre Lorde’s transition from an embodied warrior healer to an ancestral force, this is a weekly series of videos documenting and sharing my process of clarifying survival through a re-immersion in the words of Audre Lorde. To see all the videos so far check out:

This week's poem is Diaspora and it celebrates and serves as meditation for my upcoming trip to Cuba! I am excited to be following in the footsteps of Audre Lorde who went to Cuba with a group of Black women writers in January 1985! To find out more about the trip and to support Witness for Peace (the sponsoring organization) check out my website:

I strongly believe in transnational connections between people of color living in different countries. That I know of this is the first people of color specific delegation to Cuba that Witness for Peace has sponsored, but with your support I know it will be the beginning of a meaningful and transformative practice of solidarity. How are you relating across water, wires, borders and boundaries? What type of country is "afraid" of you?

Every week as part of my practice of resurrecting Audre Lorde in my life and in our communities I will be making an alphabetical oracle from the weekly survival poem which will consist of up to 26 new poems based on the sacred source text. If you would like to receive a custom poem as a blessing for your journey you can with a donation of your choice to Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind’s School of Our Lorde!