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  1. There are many sensors on your phone
    that can be used to determine your
  2. location and
    the context of what you're doing.
  3. To access these in a power friendly way,
  4. you can used the Fused Location Provider
    and the Activity Recognition APIs.
  5. The Fused Location Provider
    analyzes your GPS,
  6. your cellular connection And
    your WiFi network.
  7. And it does this in order to
    get the most accurate data.
  8. With this, you can also access
    the user activity recognition service
  9. to determine, based on the movement of
    your phone, if you're in a vehicle,
  10. if you're on a bicycle,
  11. if you're on foot, if you're standing
    still, or even if you're tilting.