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  1. Ideally, we want to draw the blue object first, then the red, then the green.
  2. The yellow filter is behind the blue object and should have no effect. For this
  3. first answer, since we aren't given the alpha values of the green and red
  4. filters, we don't know how this affects our draw order. The red or green object
  5. may draw first. We can also rule out this last answer for the same reason. We
  6. don't know the intensity or even how intensity is defined so we can't use this
  7. as a way to solve the problem. The second answer works well for the green and
  8. red filter, but falls apart on the yellow filter. With the z-buffer off, the
  9. yellow filter would be drawn on top of the blue object filtering it. This is
  10. clearly incorrect. This leaves the third answer, which is correct. This answer
  11. is similar to the second answer and that the Painter's algorithm also sorts
  12. objects from back to front. However, this time, with the z-buffer on, the yellow
  13. filter is properly hidden by the blue object. The red filter is rendered next
  14. and blended, then the green is added in on top.