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  1. So my favorite context aware application is Netflix. So,
  2. I use the smartphone application to scroll through content
  3. and find what I want to watch. Then I Chromecast
  4. it to my TV. The application understands that context
  5. switch. So my smartphone application then becomes my remote
  6. control, as I'm focused on watching the content on
  7. my TV. It's really cool how it switches between
  8. a media player, and a remote control depending on
  9. >> Yeah.
  10. >> What you're doing with it.
  11. >> And my favorite context aware app
  12. is, Agent. We mentioned this earlier. It's a fantastic
  13. application that takes advantage of, really processing those signals
  14. that are generated by a whole bunch of sensors.
  15. And making sense of them, so that I don't get
  16. disturbed when I'm sleeping, when I'm in meetings and,
  17. and on and on. Not only that, but it
  18. uses location sensors and it even tells me where
  19. I might have parked my car. Which is really cool.
  20. >> Yeah.
  21. >> And the, and the, and the coolest thing
  22. is, I don't even have to interact with this application,
  23. for it to work for me. Which is another thing I love about it.