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  1. And the answer is 14.14 m, which is the same as 10 m * √2.
  2. And you see, we know that the old variance would be a 100 m², the µ thinks
  3. therefore, it's 200 m² because I told you that just add up.
  4. If we go to the standard deviation, we take the square root of this.
  5. This factors into 2*100 m², so we take the square root of this,
  6. we get back the 10 m on the right side and you get the √2 on the left side,
  7. which gives me the 14.14 m for the standard deviation.
  8. That's interesting--standard deviations don't add up, variances add up
  9. and that was a non-trivial question.