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  1. There are different forms of functional coverage, the most basic and fundamental
  2. one is called a coverage item. You just implemented a few coverage items. It is
  3. just a simple condition that implements when it is met. Another form of
  4. coverage, is called transition coverage. Let's look at our router model. It has
  5. three different output ports. We can write all kinds of tests that hit these
  6. output ports, but we don't know if we ever switched, during the operation,
  7. during the simulation, between these different ports. With transition coverage
  8. you get this kind of information. We just heard about transition coverage, a
  9. little bit more sophisticated form of coverage, and now we want to implement
  10. this for our address, Okay? The syntax is straightforward, you say transition
  11. and then item name, so not field name. The item would have to be declared
  12. beforehand, and we already did this. In the previous exercise, we declared a
  13. coverage item for address. Once you have it, you can just add transition, and we
  14. automatically calculate all the possible transition values based on your address
  15. field. Go ahead and add that right here.