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  1. In this lesson, we're going to discuss mutations. Now mutations can
  2. be good or bad depending on the individual and the context.
  3. >> Now, a mutation is simply a change in the DNA sequence. For example, Lauren
  4. has the mutation for lactase persistence, allowing
  5. her to drink lactose containing products like milk.
  6. >> Well, don't make me feel like a mutant Matt.
  7. >> Oh well, it's okay Lauren. In the
  8. genetics world, everybody's a mutant because mutation and variation
  9. are pretty much the same thing.
  10. >> So a mutation in eye color is the same thing as a variation in eye color?
  11. >> Exactly. In this course we're going to use
  12. the words interchangeably. So take heart, everyone out
  13. there is a mutant for something. To help
  14. you get acquainted with all sorts of new mutations
  15. in this lesson, this is an incomplete concept map for you to print off and keep
  16. along with you. Fill in the blanks as we go along. At the end of the lesson,
  17. you'll have an opportunity to fill in the blanks
  18. with the answers you've collected along the way. Now, if
  19. you're someone who still needs to see the complete concept
  20. map to learn, then please go to the end of
  21. the lesson and download the complete copy. But otherwise,
  22. please just use this version. Try to fill it out
  23. as you go along. And at the end of the
  24. lesson, you'll have a chance to see the complete version.