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  1. Here's the way the light field is expressed mathematically. The answer is 5
  2. variables, an x y z position in space and an altitude in azimuth. For me it's
  3. just easier to think about looking through a tube. The one end of the tube can
  4. be put into any place in the universe, so that's three dimensions for its
  5. location. The direction of the tube can be specified by just two numbers. This
  6. direction is sort of like latitude and longitude if you're pointing from the
  7. center of the earth. Well it's probably pretty dark in the center of the earth
  8. but I think you get the idea. Here's one more way to think about it. If you take
  9. a pin hole camera you can position the pin hole itself anywhere. That's 3
  10. dimensions. The camera now takes a 2 dimensional image which is 2 more
  11. dimensions. This camera keep the x and y and z positions fixed, and varies the
  12. remaining two variables.