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  1. Okay, so I will search for Python Standard
  2. Library, and I got to this documentation page.
  3. By the way, the link to this page is also
  4. available in the instructor notes. I will check to make
  5. sure that I am reading documentation for the version of
  6. Python I downloaded, which is version 2.7. In here, I
  7. can scroll down to web browser. You will notice that
  8. it says here, that the web browser module provides a
  9. high level interface to allow displaying web based documents to
  10. users, which is really a fancy way of saying, it will
  11. show you websites. And if I scroll down,
  12. I can find the function, webbrowser.open, which takes in
  13. a URL and displays that URL using the default browser. If I go back, I can also
  14. find the module named time. Here it is, and if I click on it, I can read
  15. its documentation. It says, this module provides various time
  16. related functions, and we use two of those functions.
  17. If you scroll down, you'll find time.ctime,
  18. which gives the current time of the computer,
  19. and time.sleep, which suspends execution for a given number of seconds.