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← 【36th WEEK】俊亮、海斗とスケボーデート!俊亮にロマンス…?




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  1. [Previously unaired footage]

  2. Now we have 6 of us.
  3. It's got fun, like before.
  4. How has it been, Shun?
  5. - Still...
    - From the current members Kaito and...
  6. Sota have arrived, right?
  7. Haven't you felt you wanted
    to hang out with either of them?
  8. I have, I have - with Kaito.
  9. Oh, unexpected - Kaito?
  10. - I was totally thinking you liked Sota.
    - Me too, me too!
  11. Why, why?
  12. - Good looking.
    - Right.
  13. - So it's Kaito?
    - A little unexpected, Kaito, really?
  14. He should get Kaito to
    take him skating!
  15. Right, you should go.
  16. Because I'm really interested
    in skateboarding, I wanna try.
  17. Why not go?
    I've gone already, but why not?
  18. Sorry?
  19. I already went with a guy but...
  20. it's a good thing I think.
  21. You would get closer to him
    because you can hold hands.
  22. - Yo man.
    - Yo man.
  23. Watching a film?
  24. Yeah.
  25. - It any good?
    - Are you watching IT?
  26. Yeah but I was chatting so
    much I didn't see much.
  27. Is there a skateboarding place
    around here?
  28. Looks like there is.
  29. Looking it up, its a little far,
    in the next town.
  30. Takes about 30 mins I guess.
  31. - I want you to teach me to skateboard.
    - Let's do it!
  32. Totally.
  33. When I'm off work.
  34. - I wanna go.
    - Let's go!
  35. When are you free?
  36. - Always free.
    - Wednesday?
  37. I can do on Wednesday.
  38. - Shall we go on Wednesday then?
    - Yeah.
  39. Nice!
  40. - Have you tried before?
    - No.
  41. - No so I wanna.
    - Such enthusiasm!
  42. I'm probably awful at it.
  43. Well that's to be expected but...
  44. If you don't wear protection,
    you'll fall, hit your back and die.
  45. - That's right.
    - Really looking forward to it.
  46. - Let's do it.
    - Hehe.
  47. Put your foot on,
    and this one off for now.
  48. Give it a light kick and
    ride with both feet on.
  49. Balancing might be surprisingly difficult.
  50. - Is it wobbly?
    - A little wobbly.
  51. It's my first time even stepping on.
  52. Yeah, so get on,
    then a little kick, lightly...
  53. Yes yes!
  54. - Ahh, Ahh, Ahh!
  55. Yeah, you've got the hang of it,
    so let's try that slope.
  56. So...
  57. Hold my arms and go down.
  58. - Yeah yeah!
    - Ah! Gonna die!
  59. Like this.
  60. But just now, you didn't use much support.
  61. - Ok. Once more.
    - Like this.
  62. - Can I hold one arm again?
    - Sure.
  63. Hold and...
  64. Ah scary, scary!
  65. Keep your balance!
  66. Yes, yes, yes!
  67. Just like that.
  68. - Let's take a break.
    - Break!
  69. Amazing!
  70. Bad habit!
  71. How was it?
  72. - Skateboarding?
    - Yeah.
  73. It was fun.
  74. When you went skateboarding...
  75. - Did you do like this?
    - You said you did.
  76. Yeah he helped guide me.
  77. Did it make your heart race?
  78. Did it? Did it?
  79. Nope.
  80. Oh, no? I see.
  81. What did you think?
  82. When you held his hands.
    My heart raced when I did that, anyway.
  83. My heart raced.
  84. - But maybe Aya you had feelings for the guy so...
    - I was thinking "He is attractive."
  85. Both of us just enjoyed skateboading.
  86. But it wasn't like this,
    it was more like this.
  87. Oh so it wasn't like this?
  88. Like this instead.
  89. I asked for his help and like this.
  90. Seeing him skate, "wow, he's
    cool!" I thought but...
  91. I haven't felt like I wanted to kiss him
    or have sex with him.
  92. - I see.
    - I guess.
  93. Because I focused too much
    skateboarding today...
  94. When I hang out with Sota...
  95. - What kind of conversation did you have?
    Not much?
  96. We did't have much chance
    to talk about love.
  97. We just did skateboarding in the end. So when
    I hang out with Sota the week after next,
  98. During the meal with Sota, I'm gonna
    try to talk about that kind of thing.
  99. It's an important to ask things.
  100. You should make a question list.
  101. That's probably a bit
    strange, even without...
  102. Even without you'll be OK I think.
  103. - That paper thing?
    - I'm not doing that, nope.

  104. -You don't need that.
  105. When you're falling love,
    your heart should race.
  106. That's true.
  107. I honestly wanted to go skateboarding,
    but he made my heart race.
  108. - He did huh?
    - He did!
  109. Anyway, I wasn't trying to
    force myself to fall for Taka.
  110. I think the best thing for you
    is to fall in love with someone.
  111. -If you want to figure out yourself.
    -That's difficult.
  112. [Translated and Timed by holyone2]
    [Reviewed by koma]