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  1. So, one of the most interesting projects I've worked on was actually a project
  2. that arose out of personal interests. This was around the time that the Euro
  3. 2012, which is an international soccer competition was happening. And, so what
  4. I did is I went on to the Euro website and I took a whole bunch of statistics
  5. about the teams and the games. And I just took that information and I put it
  6. into this piece of software. And it was instantaneously able to make these
  7. predictions for me about who was going to win, what players were going to
  8. perform the best. And that's not something you or I can do with the naked eye
  9. very quickly or accurately. But, it's something that this computer could do
  10. very well, very fast. And with only a year and a half of programming
  11. background, it was information that I was able to extract.