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  1. Welcome back.
  2. >> So, Nosmo, what happened to your neck?
  3. >> Oh, I hurt it. I actually have slightly limited range of motion
  4. and so I can only move this way, kind of like a robot.
  5. >> Oh, no.
  6. >> Kind of like an alive Android.
  7. >> Sounds like you have a constraint.
  8. >> I know, it, it is a constraint, but instead of
  9. fighting against it, I'm going to totally embrace it and work with
  10. it. Well actually this lesson is all about how to work within
  11. constraints and deliver great user experiences.
  12. So you're actually right at home.
  13. >> I know. That's awesome. Let's get started. So in lesson
  14. two we taught you some tools called personas in use cases that
  15. allow you to better prioritize your future lists and make really
  16. good applications. And you also learned a little bit about UX research.
  17. >> And in lesson one, we taught you about hi, low-res
  18. wire framing. Which helps you think about the big picture first, before
  19. you go into things like flows and details and UI elements.
  20. So, Nosmo, lets talk about what you're going to learn in lesson three.
  21. >> Okay.
  22. >> In this lesson you'll learn how to design for
  23. the Mobile user. And how this is different from designing for
  24. a web or a desktop user. You'll also learn about
  25. four mobile constraints that you'll need to keep in mind for
  26. any mobile apps that you'll build. Then you'll learn more
  27. about wire framing and picking up from where we left off
  28. in lesson one. We're going to go deeper into how to design
  29. a flow of screens to support each step inside your application.