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← 【新住人インタビュー2】奥山春花 編「私、人の彼氏がいいなと思うタイプで…」

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  2. [Interview with a new member]
  3. My name is Haruka Okuyama.
  4. I used to work as an actress and
    model under a different name.
  5. Right now I'm getting more modeling jobs,
  6. but I want to work as an actress again,
    so I'll be taking a lot of auditions.
    All of my friends are older men,
  8. because I like golf and cars and such.
  9. So I never really... how should I say...
  10. got the chance to encourage
    others and be encouraged.
  11. I've always been doing my own thing.
  12. Lately, I realized that this is
    not a good attitude,
  13. or rather, I want to make friends.
  14. I kind of wanted to be around people
    my age who I could get motivation from.
  15. So the other five people in the house,
  16. they all probably have some kind of
    goal or dream, or they're looking for one.
  17. I wanted to get inspiration from people
    who give their best on something.
  18. That's why I decided to join.
    I wonder... But something I'm worried about is
  20. that me and someone else
    might be into the same person.
  21. That'd be super awkward.
  22. Maybe I'd just give up on him...
    If those two get along really well,
  23. I might just give up on him
    like "Here you go."
  24. But if they're not particularly close
    and it's the same with me,
  25. I might really go for it.
  26. That's what I'm insecure about.
  27. [YOUR TYPE]
    I like people who... take the lead.
  28. But I also want to take the lead myself.
  29. I like to make plans.
  30. So I want to think of like, the theme,
  31. and he can help me out and make it easier.
  32. But if you're both leader types,
  33. you'll get into fights, right?
  34. So I want someone I wouldn't
    fight with... Like...
  35. I want things to go well.
  36. I don't really care if they're
    handsome or not...
  37. It's more about being
    interesting on the inside.
  38. I really like people who like themselves.
  39. People who don't like themselves
    usually aren't the best people.
  40. So I like people who like themselves.
  41. People who like themselves
    stand out somehow, right?
  42. Yeah... I guess that's it.
    People say I'm love-oriented.
  44. I fall in love very quickly,
    but I would never cheat.
  45. Once I fall in love, I stay in love.
  46. And I'll get kind of... annoying, I guess.
  47. When I like someone I'll be like
    "I love love love you!"
  48. I don't play games or anything.
  49. When I get a text from him, I'll be like
    "Oh, a text!" and reply right away.
  50. I get pretty direct.
  51. So I guess I'm romance-oriented.
  52. When I'm into someone
    I'll tell everyone about it,
  53. and eventually he finds out.
    That happens a lot.
    The last relationship I had
  55. lasted four years and we'd
    fight every single day.
  56. I always used to notice things
    other people have,
  57. so I used to get interested in other
    people's boyfriends.
  58. I've also gone out a few times with people
    who didn't tell me they had a girlfriend.
  59. I wasn't very lucky. Maybe
    it's better not to talk about it.
    When I came to Tokyo,
  61. I wasn't interested in cars at all.
  62. I used to live near the highway 246.
  63. And I used to take walks
    when I didn't have anything to do.
  64. And there were all these cars
    driving by I'd never seen before.
  65. I kind of started looking them up,
  66. and started keeping a notebook.
  67. Like, this logo belongs to this
    manufacturer, this is a German car,
  68. this is an American car and such.
  69. Once I started learning more about cars...
  70. I started liking them a lot,
    I thought they were really cool.
  71. And the one I liked best was
    the Corvette, which I'm driving now.
  72. I decided to buy a Corvette
    once I got my driver's license.
  73. So I'm driving a Corvette right now.
  74. It's like I'm working for my car.
  75. Like, at my part-time job...
  76. I'd be like "When I'm done
    working today,
  77. I can get a full tank of
    high octane fuel!"
  78. I really spend all my savings on repairs,
  79. I'll buy her new tires and stuff.
  80. She's like... the return for my work.
  81. [Translated & Timed by MrsChap]
    [Reviewed by koma]