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"black./womyn.:conversations..." helen on...


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helen talks about the hardship she has had in relationships due to her disabilty...part of a new documentary on lesbians of African descent...coming soon!.

"black./womyn.:conversations..." will be a feature length docu-film that will concern lesbians of African descent living in the U.S. It will include over 50 interviews with black lesbians of all ages /classes /nationalities/locations discussing a variety of topics including coming out, sexuality and religion, love and relationships, patriarchy, visibility in media, among others as well as a series of short vignettes representing the topics discussed. I'm hoping to provide a film that can encourage progressive dialogue between people on dealing with the image of the black lesbian and the stereotype that come with who black lesbians are portrayed to be. I hope to encourage conversation between black lesbians dealing with class and age, and the lack of communication between these groups and how that affects the overall unity between black lesbians as a group in society.

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