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  1. When finding the sum of polynomials, we want to identify like terms first. I
  2. have 3x squared y squared, and negative 14, x squared, y squared, these are
  3. like-terms because they're the same variables with the same exponents. Negative
  4. 8xy and negative 2xy are also like terms, so I can list those together, down
  5. here. These last two terms are tricky, they're actually not like, so I can only
  6. list them separately, I won't be able to combine them, or add them. Now I simply
  7. count up the number of x squareds y squared that I have, I have positive 3 and
  8. negative 14 of them, so that's a total of negative 11. For the next term, I have
  9. negative 8xy, and negative 2xy, so that makes negative 10xy altogether. And
  10. finally, we just list these terms as sums on the end, because they're not like
  11. with anything else in our expression, so here's our answer.