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  1. We're trying to develop a linear equation based off of two points of data that
  2. we have. Remembering that our graphs earlier had c on the horizontal axis and n
  3. on the vertical axis, we can translate this information into two points. We have
  4. the point 20,14,000 and the point 80, 2,000, we can now use these two points to
  5. find the slope of a line connecting them and then pick one of these two points
  6. to use with the slope in the point-slope form. The slope of the line connecting
  7. these two points, we can find is negative 200. I chose to use the point 80,
  8. 2,000, along with the slope, to create a point-slope form of this equation for
  9. this line, and then I transform that to be in slope-intercept form. So our final
  10. answer is, n equals negative 200 c plus 18,000.