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  1. First we multiply by the LCD, rs on both sides of our equation. This gives us t
  2. on the left side and, and the quantity t plus r times r on the right side. Next
  3. we distribute the rt to these terms to get this equations. We subtract rt from
  4. both sides to get t minus rt equals r squared. Remember, we want to solve for t
  5. so let's get it on one side. I'm going to rewrite our equation up here and now
  6. we have to factor. We want to get one t out of these two terms. If we factor our
  7. t, we're left with t times 1 minus r equals r squared. Finally we divide by 1
  8. minus r to get t is equal to r squared divided by 1 minus r. Fantastic work if
  9. you got this. Now I know this is pretty challenging so don't worry if you don't
  10. have the hang of it yet. Let's try working through a couple more and see if you
  11. pick it up.