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  1. We've got one more segue
    option to explore.
  2. There's a third way to present a view
    controller using only a storyboard
  3. segue, no code.
  4. But don't worry.
  5. I haven't forgotten that we still
    need to figure out how these
  6. two view controllers should communicate.
  7. We'll get those dice values set,
    I promise.
  8. We're going to take this segue that
    we added earlier and delete it.
  9. And we'll replace it with a segue that
    goes directly from the roll the dice
  10. button to the dice view controller.
  11. We also need to remove the action
    from this roll the dice button.
  12. The action that's connected
    to touch up inside, that is.
  13. And finally, let's close our
    outline view for a second.
  14. Open up the utilities pane,
    click on that segue, and
  15. go into the attributes inspector.
  16. That's where we'll set the storyboard
    identifier for this segue.
  17. And we're going to call it rollDice.
  18. And now we'll run it.
  19. Our view is appearing as expected,
    but still no dice.
  20. I think it's time to get these two view
    controllers talking to each other.