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  1. May 12th, afternoon
  2. today was a cool day,
    one of the best here
  3. ♪ soft music♪

  4. here flows a river
    soft music
  6. Many people passing by
    soft music
    soft music

  9. soft music
  10. Let's see what's going
    on throughout the city.
  11. a child...
    soft music
  12. For urban projects
    soft music
  14. -The area in question was already subject
    matter of the community for many years,
  15. It is an area that has been standing for
    more than fifty years. It had already

  16. been the subject of neighborhood
    newspapers about the future,
  17. then awakened in in the imaginary of the
    people the apprehension

  18. of what the future would be,
    what future they would like to have.
  19. At that moment we started a process of
    territorial listening the population
  20. in a small whiteboard where they
    manifested themselves about of the city.
  21. we set put a small ladder
    they wrote at the board, we photo scanned

  22. their messages and made a
    line of about the city
  23. in a way to show what they
    expected for the city.
  24. I wanted here, at this land,
    a playground for everybody to play.
  25. what all people here wishes, is that
    this building...buildings are not buid.
  26. On July 20, 2011, a Facebook page was
    *a Facebook page was created aiming
  27. to make the Moviment a Collectve Action.
    a Collectve Action.]
  30. [On July 20, 2011, a Facebook page was
    a Facebook page was created aiming
  31. to make the Moviment
    a Collectve Action.]
  32. Not Synced
    one year after , we
    called the people
  33. Not Synced
    for a slightly larger
  34. Not Synced
    Then there was the
    hiring of a sound car
  35. Not Synced
    for the people say
    what they wanted
  36. Not Synced
    the lands are of some
    the effects are on all
  37. Not Synced
    I think we will only
    change when the hole
  38. Not Synced
    city has an organized
    movement discussing
  39. Not Synced
    all that happens
    in each neighborhood
  40. Not Synced
    we are not against
    ventures, we just want
  41. Not Synced
    more decent projects
    to the population
  42. Not Synced
    The Mofarege closed
    this project, made a
  43. Not Synced
    contract, to do this work
    she has an authorization
  44. Not Synced
    from the CET, the project
    was done by the CET
  45. Not Synced
    not by Mofarege, this
    item is already in budget,
  46. Not Synced
    it has to be done before
    the work is completed
  47. Not Synced
    The construction company
    filed a preliminary
  48. Not Synced
    injunction so that the
    Facebook page was
  49. Not Synced
    withdrawn and that he
    could not manisfest
  50. Not Synced
    in a mile or make
    any manifestation.
  51. Not Synced
    taking advantage
    of that boy you
  52. Not Synced
    forbade to be around here
    he just took our cause,
  53. Not Synced
    he did not start it.
    landlady lives here on the
  54. Not Synced
    street with his parents,
    younger people, anyway ...
  55. Not Synced
    We know there's a river here.
    We know there is.
  56. Not Synced
    (sound of water flows!
    watter drops among
  57. Not Synced
    other sounds)
    watter drops)
  58. Not Synced
    we asked him to
    reconsider, he
  59. Not Synced
    he appreciated
    this request, left
  60. Not Synced
    lthe page in the air
    but didnt authorize
  61. Not Synced
    any criticism to the
    constructor or to the
  62. Not Synced
    operator. Our
    limitation is legal
  63. Not Synced
    but its assence is
    also phatic
  64. Not Synced
    meaning that was no
    abuse of rights, rights
  65. Not Synced
    were exercised lawfully,
    nothing was changed,

  66. Not Synced
    he did not go
    beyond the limits.
  67. Not Synced
    We make it clear
    that we are talking
  68. Not Synced
    to the chief of the
    expediente, so that
  69. Not Synced
    the process can go
    and proceed.
  70. Not Synced
    we make it clear
    that we are talking
  71. Not Synced
    to the head of the
    chamber, to the director
  72. Not Synced
    for approval,we put
    it on Facebook
  73. Not Synced
    so, we want their
  74. Not Synced
    It doesn't make more
    sense in Vila Mariana,
  75. Not Synced
    Vila Madalena,
    in Lapa, which is my
  76. Not Synced
    neighborhood, in
    Vila Romana, that
  77. Not Synced
    the public power let
    let this predatory
  78. Not Synced
    real estate speculation
    keep acting this way.
  79. Not Synced
    The question of the
    river is important,
  80. Not Synced
    it really exists.
    -What about the river?
  81. Not Synced
    -about the river?
    -People, I'll show you
  82. Not Synced
    where the
    the source is!
  83. Not Synced
    -Do you want?
    -There is not!
  84. Not Synced
    They claim categorically
    the river does not exist.
  85. Not Synced
    -Water gushes, people,
    water gushes!
  86. Not Synced
    -Is just dump water,
    that sprouts water!
  87. Not Synced
    -Oh my god,
    I'll show you.
  88. Not Synced
    Which is almost a joke
    -Guys, just so you to know,
  89. Not Synced
    were hired four of
    the largest companies
  90. Not Synced
    in Sao Paulo that do
    the four types of
  91. Not Synced
    probes that exist, all
    terrain was probed...
  92. Not Synced
    -But this we never saw,
    you're talking about what?
  93. Not Synced
    -Are sensors inside the
    build, you will not see...
  94. Not Synced
    (Unable to understand)
    What most touches

  95. Not Synced
    on his manifestations is that
    he summons the owner of
  96. Not Synced
    the incorporator to a
    dialogue with society,
  97. Not Synced
    even because the product
    they are selling is not
  98. Not Synced
    a refrigerator, a stove,
    it is a product with costs,
  99. Not Synced
    but they call it of
    "defendant's boldness"
  100. Not Synced
    -I would like to
    congratulate you on this act,
  101. Not Synced
    of this manifestation in
    defense of citizenship
  102. Not Synced
    the residents present,
    the authorities
  103. Not Synced
    who organized this
    creative activity
  104. Not Synced
    denouncing real
    estate speculation
  105. Not Synced
    with culture, with music,
    visual arts.
  106. Not Synced
    -Excuse me, I've never
    seen such a dirty
  107. Not Synced
    work as yours!
    -Perfect, exactly, dirty
  108. Not Synced
  109. Not Synced
    - I think that what you
    intend to do
  110. Not Synced
    will not improve the
  111. Not Synced
    will minimize very little,
    almost nothing.
  112. Not Synced
    The right thing is
    to do here,
  113. Not Synced
    but you will not do
    because you will
  114. Not Synced
    get in trouble with
    the front building...
  115. Not Synced
    -there is one
    that shouts...
  116. Not Synced
    -what you're doing here,
    makes their houses
  117. Not Synced
    seems less important.
    A demand for care

  118. Not Synced
    it never happened
  119. Not Synced
    it is the second
    or third time that is
  120. Not Synced
    project, our properties
    are depreciated.
  121. Not Synced
    I would like to know
    where one of us will
  122. Not Synced
    have some benefit when
    this work is ready.
  123. Not Synced
    We have already
    lost our patience,
  124. Not Synced
    our health. It's going
    to be three to four
  125. Not Synced
    years to years
    to have it done
  126. Not Synced
    we know it's the now,
    the during and the after.
  127. Not Synced
    (sound of drums
    and whistles)
  128. Not Synced
    We basically need
    freedom of expression
  129. Not Synced
    very dangerous precedent,
    where one who
  130. Not Synced
    protests has an opinion
    in a lawful way,
  131. Not Synced
    to be censored in a decision
    that was pronounced the
  132. Not Synced
    day after the entry
    of the action.
  133. Not Synced
    -It's an incredible
    sensation, at the same
  134. Not Synced
    time that you feel the
    welcoming of the
  135. Not Synced
    population towards the
    affection for their peaceful
  136. Not Synced
    approach, they turn so
    violently against a person
  137. Not Synced
    who is simply one more
    in the middle of the movement.
  138. Not Synced
    thus, it is not a shot
    against the small ones
  139. Not Synced
    but against all
    the social movements.
  140. Not Synced
  141. Not Synced
  142. Not Synced
    But we believe that
    something will be done
  143. Not Synced
    because the collective
    interest must influence.
  144. Not Synced
    each manifestation
    above minor interests,
  145. Not Synced
    provided it is peacefully done,
    as it has always been done.
  146. Not Synced
    ♪ rock music ♪
    (sound of many voices)
  147. Not Synced