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  1. The first thing I'd like you to do in Homework 6 is add some caching to your blog.
  2. Specifically, I'd like you to cache the front page and display on the front page somewhere,
  3. how long ago you ran that query that generated the front page.
  4. Let me give you a little demo on my site of what this looks like.
  5. So here we are at udacity-cs253.com/blog.
  6. If I reload this page--let's go down to the bottom--
  7. you will see that this query, this page was generated 159 seconds ago.
  8. If I were to reload this page again, you could see that it's incrementing every time I reload the page.
  9. Okay. So obviously, I'm storing this in the cache somewhere and that's what I would like you to do.
  10. When you have this working, submit the URL to your blog here.