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  1. Okay. So that's how a single checkbox works
  2. but, rarely do you see a single checkbox by itself.
  3. Usually you see them in a group.
  4. So let's add a few more here.
  5. So I've added two more checkboxes--
  6. type="checkbox"--
  7. and I've made their names be "r" and "s".
  8. So now we have "q", "r", and "s".
  9. And then I also added a line break so it can
  10. have a little separation from our Submit button.
  11. Let's see how this looks in our browser.
  12. Okay. If I Reload this page in our browser,
  13. now we see--we have 3 checkboxes
  14. and they can be toggled on and off,
  15. as you do with checkboxes.
  16. Now what I'd like you to do is
  17. tell me what happens when I check
  18. these first 2 checkboxes and I hit Submit.
  19. So when we select the first two checkboxes and click Submit,
  20. what does the "query" section of the URL look like?
  21. Remember, the query section--that's the name
  22. for the portion of the URL, after the question mark.