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It's not Continuous Delivery if you can't deploy right now


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Speaker: Ken Mugrage

People often say that they’re practicing continuous delivery, and then add something like “I can let the security team know any time” or “I just have to run the performance tests.” Ken Mugrage explains why you’re not done with your continuous delivery journey if you can’t push your software to production right now.

Some of the things covered in this talk:

- Organizational structure for enabling Continuous Delivery
- Continuous Integration as a prerequisite to Continuous Delivery.
- Using feature toggles and branch by abstraction to separate deploy from release
- Deployment methodologies which are well known terms (Canary, Dark Launching) but often not well implemented
- Things that should be part of the CD Pipeline such as security and performance tests

This is an opinionated, fast moving, high level talk. The goal of this talk is to make people think about the practices they could be doing to make their transition to DevOps and Continuous Delivery more effective.

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