Don’t Worry About Waldo – Where in the World Are You?

That’s an interesting question and if FourSquare is successful with its new expanded check-in feature. What is it? Well, if you are meeting up with 3 or 4 friends for a cup of coffee, a dinner, or a shopping spree, any one of you will be able to check all of you in on FourSquare. Sounds like a boon to business and a possible privacy issue for the individual in the group who doesn’t want to be checked in.

Hint – hint – Tune in to hear Ken Herron (by Wednesday co-pilot) and I analyze and debate this interesting question and the ramifications that go along with it. And more news on the social media front is LinkedIn’s new Who’s Viewed Your Updates feature – their first serious entry into the analytics of their site (long overdue).

But there’s more – If everyone is talking about SlideShare, what’s it all about and how can you take advantage? Want to hear about two new sites (I know you don’t but we’ll tell you anyway). Be prepared for a thumbs up and a thumbs down when it comes to Potluck and Duvamis.

You know how Ken and I love to wax about competitor intelligence, but today we have some new evidence about who is really doing it – and how powerful it can be for you and your company.