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Best Colon Cleanse Pills Review – Relieving Daily Colon Cleanse Treatments


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What Is A Colon Cleanse?

So what exactly is this colon cleanse thingy?

You've probably already read a ton of articles on this topic so I won't bore you with details.

But basically, the way it works is that you take a pill, tea, or powdered/liquid supplement that causes your colon (large intestine) to empty its contents (you poop...ew...)

So why the heck would you want to do this?

They do it because of something called Autointoxication.

Cleanse enthusiasts believe that undigested foods (like meats) cause an unnatural mucus build-up in the colon.

This mucus builds up and houses toxins that eventually enter the bloodstream thus poisoning your body causing effects like:

-Low Energy
-And Weight Gain
-While this does sound accurate, after doing some research myself I learned that colon function is closely tied to nervous system function.

This is likely where most of the benefits that I and others have experienced have come from.

So People Do An All Natural Colon Cleanse For These Benefits:

-Reduced Fatigue
-A better mental outlook
-An Immune System boost
-A lower risk of colon cancer
-To lose weight (more on that later...)
-So now that we know what a colon cleanse is, let's see if it is right for you...

Who Should Detox Their Colon?

Colon cleanses aren't right for everybody...

Avoid cleansing your colon if you:

-Have a known history of digestive disorder
-Suffer from Ulcerative Colitis
-Are affected by hemorrhoids
-Have rectum tumors
-Have undergone bowel surgery recently
-Have kidney or heart disease (but your doctor can clear this with you in this case)
-Those are specific things to consider if you are planning on doing a colon cleanse procedure, BUT...

...if you fit the following then you are in a great position to try colon detox:

Signs A Colon Cleanse Would Benefit You

-You are looking for a solution to digestion or constipation problems
-You fell chronically sluggish
-You have problems focusing or concentrating
-You want to jumpstart weightloss for yourself
-You want to improve your overall colon health
-You are curious if it would improve your overall general wellbeing (this is why I tried it)
-Remember, correlation is not causation so just because you have these things doesn't mean a cleanse is 100% for you...

...but most cleansers are pushed to try it due to these symptoms

While I can't guarantee a cleanse will solve all or any of these things, many people who have done cleanses report these benefits.

And I personally did experience more clarity of mind and a..."lightness" after my doing a natural colon cleanse.

So now that you know what a colon detox is and that it is right for you, it's time to learn about safety...

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