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XCUITest + Cucumberish: Executing BDD feature files in Xcode - iOS Dev Scout

Speaker: Kenneth Poon

This is a follow up on a talk Kenneth gave back in 2016 (XCUITest + Gherkins). With the basics of XCUITest out of the way, he will introduce the Cucumberish library that helps to improve your existing XCUITest suite.
Cucumberish segment will interest you if
- you want to know how "Given Then When" Behavioural Driven Tests can help your iOS Tests
- you are interested in executing "Given Then When" BDD Feature files in Xcode
- you are not convinced with external cross platform testing tool like Appium and Calabash (because you want to write your tests using Swift)
- you want to bring this learning back to work. Feel free to ask more questions during QnA

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Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: Vina and Kheng Meng