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  1. We find the lowest common denominator by factoring each of these denominators
  2. first. The first denominator will have factors of x plus 2 times x minus 6,
  3. since factors of 12 that sum to negative 4 are positive 2 and negative 6. The
  4. factors for x squared minus 36 would be x minus 6 and x plus 6. This is just the
  5. difference of two perfect squares. We can see that both of the denominators
  6. share a common factor of x minus 6. So this is the factor they share, and we
  7. list it in the middle. The other factor of this denominator is x plus 2, and the
  8. other factor of this denominator is x plus 6. Finally, we just multiply all
  9. these factors together to get our lowest common denominator, right here.