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  1. Parents, take this to heart.
  2. Proverbs 4:20
  3. "My son, be attentive to my words;
  4. incline your ear to my sayings."
  5. This means obey me.
  6. Do what I'm telling you.
  7. "Let them not escape from your sight.
  8. Keep them within your heart,
  9. for they are life to those who find them."
  10. He's not talking to dead children here.
  11. What does he mean by life?
  12. He's not talking physical life.
  13. He's talking spiritual life.
  14. Eternal life.
  15. He's saying, son, if you will heed
  16. what I tell you;
  17. if you will obey what I tell you;
  18. if you will take these things
  19. and apply them and keep them
  20. within your heart,
  21. they will be life to you.
  22. God designed it this way, parents.
  23. Parents, your child's good is and must be
  24. your controlling motive.
  25. Do we not live in the belief
  26. that whatever might
    become of our children,
  27. that if they gain the whole world
  28. and they lose their souls,
  29. they've lost everything!
  30. And yet, Scripture comes along
  31. and says the path to everything
  32. has a lot to do with parents.
  33. Listen to this:
  34. Proverbs 6:20
  35. "My son, keep your father's commandment."
  36. Now we might come along and say,
  37. well, shouldn't he be keeping
    the Lord's commandment?
  38. Yeah, but you see, folks,
  39. God is telling you to keep your children
  40. obedient to you.
  41. And what I'm showing you is
  42. if your heart is after God's;
  43. if your heart is after His truth
  44. and His ways and His righteousness,
  45. and you seek through your commandments,
  46. and through your rules,
  47. and through your discipline,
  48. and through your instruction,
  49. to impart to that child that.
  50. Then what happens is,
  51. this can be said:
  52. "My son, keep your father's commandment,
  53. forsake not your mother's teaching.
  54. Bind them on your heart always.
  55. Tie them around your neck.
  56. When you walk, they will lead you.
  57. When you lie down,
    they will watch over you.
  58. When you awake, they will talk with you.
  59. For the commandment..."
  60. What commandment?
  61. The commandment of the parents.
  62. " a lamp
  63. and the teaching a light,
  64. and the reproofs of discipline
  65. are the way of life."
  66. When you instruct and
    discipline that child
  67. you are setting them on the way of life.
  68. That's what Scripture teaches.
  69. Brethren, we are people who God has called
  70. to live by faith.
  71. And this is one of the
    things He's called you
  72. to live by faith in.
  73. That you raise your children
  74. in this kind of discipline and instruction
  75. of the Lord.
  76. Proverbs 19:18
  77. "Discipline your son
  78. while there's hope.
  79. Do not set your heart
    on putting him to death."
  80. You know what Scripture's implying?
  81. Guess what?
  82. All these people, disobedient to parent -
  83. they're people that don't acknowledge God.
  84. That is the path of death.
  85. He's saying if you don't discipline;
  86. if you don't raise your children
  87. in the discipline and
    instruction of the Lord -
  88. if there's no discipline,
    if there's no rod,
  89. if there's no correction
  90. and instruction and rebuke,
  91. if there's no bringing your children
  92. into submission,
  93. you're killing your children.
  94. One of the proverbs says you hate them.
  95. And you can say, well, no I don't.
  96. I love them. That's why
    I don't spank them.
  97. Listen, God says you hate them.
  98. Because what you're doing is
  99. you're allowing that
    child to go his own way.
  100. Children that go their own way die.
  101. Children that a parent -
  102. a Christian parent -
  103. will seek to say,
  104. as for me and my house,
    we're going to serve the Lord.
  105. God said when He was looking at
  106. going down and destroying
    Sodom and Gomorrah,
  107. He said this: "I have chosen Abraham
  108. that he may command his children
  109. and his household after him
  110. to keep the way of the Lord."
  111. You have Joshua saying,
  112. "As for me and my house,
  113. we're going to serve the Lord."
  114. You have fathers who are saying
  115. my children are going this way.
  116. (incomplete thought)
  117. The world out there can say
  118. parents shouldn't force their
    religion on their children.
  119. That's not what God says.
  120. God says you take those children
  121. under your arm,
  122. and you say, child,
  123. as for you and me, we're going this way.
  124. And you take them with you.