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  1. So remember, we're taking this distribution. We're shifting it all the way over
  2. to zero because we're subtracting the mean. So basically, if we have a normal
  3. distribution out here with a mean of 100, if we subtract the mean, we shift
  4. this distribution to the left 100. And then, the new mean is 0. What if we add
  5. a distribution with a mean of, say negative 30? If we subtract negative 30,
  6. then we're essentially adding 30. And we shift the distribution right, again,
  7. centering at 0. Another way to look at it is, what's going to be the new
  8. z-score of the mean? Let's say that the mean is x. The z-score of the mean is
  9. basically how many standard deviations away from the mean is the mean. Well,
  10. that's 0 instead of x, we have mu. Mu minus mu divided by standard deviation is
  11. 0 divided by the standard deviation, which is just 0. So, that's another way to
  12. look at it.