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← No Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable About Open Educational Experiences

Gardner Campbell, Baylor University
Jim Groom, University of Mary Washington

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  1. For the session this afternoon

  2. I have the distinct pleasure
  3. To introduce two of my good friends
  4. Gardner Campbell, from Baylor University
  5. and Jim Groom from the University of Mary Washington.
  6. They require absolutely no introduction beyond that.
  7. That's why we'll let them get on with the show, so
  8. please help me welcome these two guys
  9. Thank you, Cole
  10. Thanks everybody for being here after lunch
  11. This is always the great deadly zone
  12. where your blood sugar and my blood sugar
  13. the biochemistry, the neurons
  14. but we're going to force through this
  15. we're going to make it
  16. I have a good feeling about this
  17. every presentation I've been in
  18. has something very striking in it for me
  19. sometimes it has been ideas
  20. sometimes it's the level of innovation
  21. just the sheer energy of innovation
  22. sometimes it's a little more close to the bone
  23. the session that Leigh Blackall did
  24. I don't know if he's in here now
  25. but the session he did before lunch
  26. really struck me with the sense of frustration
  27. that I feel...a lot...maybe you do...
  28. that we live in an age of marvels and wonders
  29. that don't seem to be making
  30. a substantial difference
  31. in the most serious activities
  32. we engage in as human beings:
  33. Education
  34. There are a lot of reasons why that's no-one's fault
  35. There are a lot of reasons why that's everyone's fault
  36. and there's a lot of people
  37. we can point at and blame
  38. sometimes justifiably so
  39. but rather than round up the usual suspects
  40. I have this sense of
  41. What a waste!
  42. Why is this not happening?
  43. We've had the Internet
  44. We've had computers
  45. We've had all these amazing conversations
  46. at conferences like this
  47. about the possibilities
  48. Is this making a difference?
  49. I mean we can say:
  50. Sure, we have success stories
  51. but we keep thinking
  52. when does the tide turn?
  53. when do we get to the place
  54. where we can say
  55. Yeah, we're on the upswing
  56. Clay Shirky in 2008 wrote:
  57. " We are living in the middle of
  58. the largest increase in expressive capability
  59. in the history of the human race."
  60. I think that's true
  61. except that probably we're at the beginning
  62. and not the middle.
  63. But this increase in expressive capability
  64. and the history of the human race
  65. ought to be the abiding
  66. transforming concern of all education.
  67. Higher Education is the place
  68. where we train people to be able
  69. to take advantage of this to the fullest
  70. and surprise us with things we have not discovered
  71. about what this can mean
  72. but whatever it means
  73. we may disagree about what it means
  74. Look at that!
  75. I believe that that is true
  76. It makes me do what I do
  77. and yet it is as if
  78. day after day
  79. I sa: " I have a bag of gold.
  80. Would you like a bag of gold?"
  81. and people say:
  82. "Where do you find time for bags of gold?"
  83. "Oh, no ..another currency to master."
  84. "Gold, is that sustainable?"
  85. Like: "No, you spend it..."
  86. Well..."What would you spend it on?"
  87. "What would you like to spend it on?"
  88. "I don't have time for your philosophical questions, Gardner".
  89. It's a bag of gold
  90. What part of that do you not understand?
  91. I love this
  92. This is the Cortex A9,
  93. a chip that is in production,
  94. and I'm afraid that the audio here
  95. is not going to be sufficiently loud
  96. so I'll just tell you what Adrian Cockcroft says
  97. but if you really wanna to get the full spooky ride
  98. go to the IT conversations podcast.
  99. Have any of you heard him talk about Millicomputing?
  100. He defines millicomputing as a computer
  101. that consumes less than one watt
  102. and it'll fit in your pocket
  103. and it will not burn your leg
  104. This chip is in production
  105. It will appear in devices probably the next year or so.
  106. It has four graphical processing units
  107. each of which independently can process
  108. a full H.264 high definition stream
  109. and coding, decoding
  110. He talks about the way we're not going to carry
  111. computers in our pockets.
  112. We're going to carry web servers
  113. in our pockets
  114. we're going to walk in to a context
  115. and wirelessly link-up
  116. with the things we want to do in that context.
  117. There's usually where I stop
  118. when I play this for faculty
  119. because the next part is even spookier
  120. in which he talks about the way these milling computers
  121. will allow us to be in constant contact
  122. with a society of avatars and a virtual world
  123. who will be able to,
  124. because of our wearable computing,
  125. to tap us on the shoulder
  126. and have a conversation with us
  127. while we are here in real space as well.
  128. Now to me that can be a real bag of gold
  129. or maybe we don't have time to
  130. amplify our beings that way
  131. I'm not going to say this is going to be easy
  132. or that's not going to have problems
  133. or be fraught or spun a whole new wave of
  134. milling cyber computing crime.
  135. But if it's going to happen
  136. and there are great possibilities it will
  137. why doesn't it make a difference?
  138. why hasn't that made people
  139. stop and say
  140. I guess I could recapture a sense of wonder
  141. under these circumstances
  142. What do we believe?
  143. "Today's technologies and their consequent environments
  144. succeed each other so rapidly
  145. that one environment makes us aware of the next.
  146. Technologies begin to perform the function of art
  147. in making us aware of the psychic
  148. and social consequences of technology...
  149. We are entering the new age of education
  150. that is programmed for discovery
  151. rather than instruction."
  152. We could, especially if we were an English faculty,
  153. wordsmith this
  154. tinker with it
  155. if this were a faculty senate, it would not get out of committee.
  156. Probably we all believe some variety of that
  157. some version of that
  158. or to put it another way from the Renaissance,
  159. which is my favourite place to hang out
  160. in the virtual space in my head
  161. it's like the Music of the Spheres
  162. in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice
  163. the young Lorenzo woos his sweetheart
  164. with talk of the stars
  165. Is that scalable?
  166. Well, never mind.
  167. "There's not the smallest orb which thou behold'st
  168. But in his motion like an angel sings,
  169. Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins;
  170. Such harmony is in immortal souls,
  171. But whilst this muddy vesture of decay
  172. Doth grossly close it in, we cannot hear it."
  173. Melvyn Bragg , In Our Time,
  174. in the episode of Music of the Spheres
  175. "This is the music of the spheres
  176. Not Synced
    the idea that the stars and planets
  177. Not Synced
    as they travel through space
  178. Not Synced
    make beautiful music together
  179. Not Synced
    The Music of the Spheres
  180. Not Synced
    played out of the classical world
  181. Not Synced
    to the Medieval period
  182. Not Synced
    and into the Renaissance
  183. Not Synced
    it affords us a glimpse into minds
  184. Not Synced
    for whom the Universe
  185. Not Synced
    was full of meaning
  186. Not Synced
    of strange correspondences
  187. Not Synced
    and grand harmonies
  188. Not Synced
    I would like to graduate
  189. Not Synced
    a generation of students
  190. Not Synced
    who will help ME here
  191. Not Synced
    to strange correspondences and grand harmonies
  192. Not Synced
    that I have not yet imagined
  193. Not Synced
    that's what I'm in it for
  194. Not Synced
    But oh well,
  195. Not Synced
    how you are going to protect privacy?
  196. Not Synced
    This is a time of wonders
  197. Not Synced
    Usually the printing press is introduced as an example
  198. Not Synced
    of a disruptive technology
  199. Not Synced
    on the order of what we're seeing now.
  200. Not Synced
    No small disruption
  201. Not Synced
    The printing press started wars
  202. Not Synced
    overturned religious orthodoxy
  203. Not Synced
    The printing press meant that any fool
  204. Not Synced
    with a piece of machinery
  205. Not Synced
    could say anything
  206. Not Synced
    and how would you know?
  207. Not Synced
    Well, I think that the disruption is on a bigger scale
  208. Not Synced
    I think that the disruption we're witnessing today
  209. Not Synced
    is the disruption on the scale
  210. Not Synced
    of the development of the written alphabet
  211. Not Synced
    of the phonetic alphabet
  212. Not Synced
    This was a huge deal
  213. Not Synced
    This was a technology invented to communicate
  214. Not Synced
    with the Dead
  215. Not Synced
    so it's not like a tool
  216. Not Synced
    it's a meta tool
  217. Not Synced
    it's an alphabet
  218. Not Synced
    What will I say with that?
  219. Not Synced
    What do you want to say?
  220. Not Synced
    I don't know...
  221. Not Synced
    just tell me what you want me to write
  222. Not Synced
    It's a great book
  223. Not Synced
    Marianne Wolf, Proust and the Squid.
  224. Not Synced
    She talks about the science of the reading brain.
  225. Not Synced
    the fact that learning to read
  226. Not Synced
    is something we do deliberately
  227. Not Synced
    to re-arrange our minds
  228. Not Synced
    We make new connections
  229. Not Synced
    among the various perceptual centers in our brains
  230. Not Synced
    that are not programmed in there
  231. Not Synced
    we seem to have a speech center
  232. Not Synced
    as part of our revolved neuro anathomy
  233. Not Synced
    but not a reading center
  234. Not Synced
    we have to do things that do not happen naturally
  235. Not Synced
    but once we do those things
  236. Not Synced
    we find...
  237. Not Synced
    a bag of gold
  238. Not Synced
    Clay Shirky wrote a blog post
  239. Not Synced
    that really rocked me back on my heels
  240. Not Synced
    back in March, on Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable
  241. Not Synced
    did anyone of you see that blog post?
  242. Not Synced
    Yeah..he talks about the ways in which newspapers
  243. Not Synced
    essentially played Nearer my God to thee in the Titanic
  244. Not Synced
    and they thought they could nibble at the edges
  245. Not Synced
    because nibbling at the edges
  246. Not Synced
    well, you know you don't have to take a big bite
  247. Not Synced
    you don't have to worry of indigestion
  248. Not Synced
    you don't have to worry about anything
  249. Not Synced
    you just take a little nibble
  250. Not Synced
    well, newspapers were nibbling at the edges
  251. Not Synced
    in the 1990's
  252. Not Synced
    they stopped being a viable business model
  253. Not Synced
    this is Shirky's argument
  254. Not Synced
    his argument is not that journalism will go away
  255. Not Synced
    but that the coincidence of journalism and newspapers
  256. Not Synced
    was historically conditioned
  257. Not Synced
    and can go away historically
  258. Not Synced
    but the newspaper folks
  259. Not Synced
    like the professors, maybe like the edtech folks
  260. Not Synced
    maybe like any of us in the room
  261. Not Synced
    tend to believe that we're in the domain
  262. Not Synced
    because we're in the best of all possible domains
  263. Not Synced
    this is the way it has to be
  264. Not Synced
    not so much
  265. Not Synced
    and Shirky coined the term
  266. Not Synced
    which really scared me to death
  267. Not Synced
    "the digital facelift"
  268. Not Synced
    for what newspapers try to do
  269. Not Synced
    we'll just do what we did before
  270. Not Synced
    but we'll put it on the web
  271. Not Synced
    but it'll be what we had before
  272. Not Synced
    we'll have some hyperlinks
  273. Not Synced
    but it'll be what we did before, etc...
  274. Not Synced
    "The Digital Facelift"
  275. Not Synced
    Can that stand up against
  276. Not Synced
    these items of belief?
  277. Not Synced
    "As the means of input increase,
  278. Not Synced
    so does the need for insight or pattern recognition
  279. Not Synced
    your mileage may vary
  280. Not Synced
    I think that's true
  281. Not Synced
    The school drop-out situation
  282. Not Synced
    will get very much worse
  283. Not Synced
    because of the frustration
  284. Not Synced
    of the student need for participation
  285. Not Synced
    in the learning process
  286. Not Synced
    which is not a new need
  287. Not Synced
    but it's a need
  288. Not Synced
    that had to take some pretty distorted forms
  289. Not Synced
    during the industrial age
  290. Not Synced
    as we tried to figure out scaling
  291. Not Synced
    and sustainability
  292. Not Synced
    we did the best we could
  293. Not Synced
    but if we find that maybe
  294. Not Synced
    that's not the way to go forward
  295. Not Synced
    change has to happen
  296. Not Synced
    but it's not happening yet
  297. Not Synced
    instead we're getting the digital facelift
  298. Not Synced
    Now, I have to tell you first of all
  299. Not Synced
    this is from Brazil,
  300. Not Synced
    a film by Terry Gillian,
  301. Not Synced
    which I saw for the first time
  302. Not Synced
    when it came out
  303. Not Synced
    and I saw again it
  304. Not Synced
    it's probably ten or so years since I've seen it
  305. Not Synced
    but under the intoxicating effect
  306. Not Synced
    of the Reverend
  307. Not Synced
    I knew I would have to make a pilgrimage to see Brazil again.
  308. Not Synced
    and I found that it told the story
  309. Not Synced
    of my life today, maybe yours
  310. Not Synced
    Here's the thing that I didn't remember
  311. Not Synced
    about this scene
  312. Not Synced
    She is loving this experience
  313. Not Synced
    To us it looks grotesque
  314. Not Synced
    to her...well..she's getting off
  315. Not Synced
    She has multiple opportunities
  316. Not Synced
    to continue to examine
  317. Not Synced
    her increasingly grotesque self
  318. Not Synced
    in the pursuit of an illusion
  319. Not Synced
    and she's deriving intense pleasure from it
  320. Not Synced
    because see how it's framed
  321. Not Synced
    this is great!
  322. Not Synced
    What I'm doing to you is
  323. Not Synced
    I stretch your features out of recognition is great
  324. Not Synced
    in this digital facelift you look marvelous
  325. Not Synced
    You can't see it because of the light
  326. Not Synced
    but he's got these clips
  327. Not Synced
    he's holding her face back with
  328. Not Synced
    this is where she really gets excited
  329. Not Synced
    and finally to make sure it stays the way it should
  330. Not Synced
    he puts surround wrap around it.
  331. Not Synced
    I assure you there are no further problems
  332. Not Synced
    that digital facelift.
  333. Not Synced
    Problem solved
  334. Not Synced
    or perhaps the digital facelift
  335. Not Synced
    is like this poor lady in Brazil
  336. Not Synced
    who has immense faith in her doctor
  337. Not Synced
    who is a maverick
  338. Not Synced
    He's an innovator
  339. Not Synced
    He doesn't go along with the flow
  340. Not Synced
    He has a special chemical process.
  341. Not Synced
    Now it's taking a little while
  342. Not Synced
    as she is very delicately skinned
  343. Not Synced
    so her results are not coming out exactly
  344. Not Synced
    the way she had imagined
  345. Not Synced
    Notice the lovely seepage
  346. Not Synced
    around the bandages
  347. Not Synced
    the eye V
  348. Not Synced
    the fact that she is now in a wheel chair
  349. Not Synced
    and blind apparently
  350. Not Synced
    some kind of support for her chin
  351. Not Synced
    she's not in very good shape
  352. Not Synced
    but she's hanging in
  353. Not Synced
    she's a believer
  354. Not Synced
    maybe she's got the wrong guru
  355. Not Synced
    because eventually this is what happens
  356. Not Synced
    with her digital facelift
  357. Not Synced
    they have a memorial service for her
  358. Not Synced
    it's a relatively gruesome affair
  359. Not Synced
    because that's what's happened
  360. Not Synced
    in the end
  361. Not Synced
    it's just coming apart
  362. Not Synced
    it's a nightmare
  363. Not Synced
    I'm not saying that the LMS will necessarily
  364. Not Synced
    get us to this
  365. Not Synced
    I'm just saying
  366. Not Synced
    So what do we do instead of having digital facelifts?
  367. Not Synced
    I propose three recursive practices
  368. Not Synced
    These practices feed on each other
  369. Not Synced
    They're what we do in education anyway
  370. Not Synced
    but they can amplified
  371. Not Synced
    by information and communication technologies.
  372. Not Synced
    One is narrating
  373. Not Synced
    having the students
  374. Not Synced
    having the teachers
  375. Not Synced
    that's the real trouble
  376. Not Synced
    thinking aloud
  377. Not Synced
    willing to tell the story
  378. Not Synced
    of the process of the learning
  379. Not Synced
    of the investigation
  380. Not Synced
    you could call it blogging
  381. Not Synced
  382. Not Synced
    how do you take care of your stuff
  383. Not Synced
    not to protect it
  384. Not Synced
    not to even make sure you can transcode it
  385. Not Synced
    those things are important
  386. Not Synced
    but how do you arrange it
  387. Not Synced
    for the people who will come to see it?
  388. Not Synced
    for yourself as you contemplate it
  389. Not Synced
    Now as scholars
  390. Not Synced
    we're pretty used to the idea of curation
  391. Not Synced
    and this has to do with dissertations
  392. Not Synced
    and scholarly articles and so forth
  393. Not Synced
    Many students in my opinion come to college
  394. Not Synced
    believing they have nothing to curate
  395. Not Synced
    and they will generate nothing to curate
  396. Not Synced
    during their time in school.
  397. Not Synced
    They'll have transactional exchanges
  398. Not Synced
    with professors who mark their work
  399. Not Synced
    and those pieces of paper get put in a box
  400. Not Synced
    I'd like students to think
  401. Not Synced
    that they began their life's work
  402. Not Synced
    when they come to school
  403. Not Synced
    and finally sharing
  404. Not Synced
    Now that I have done it
  405. Not Synced
    Now that I've arranged it
  406. Not Synced
    Now that I've thought about it
  407. Not Synced
    I'm going to put it out there
  408. Not Synced
    because it may be valuable to someone
  409. Not Synced
    because I may find the unmet friend
  410. Not Synced
    because as it was said
  411. Not Synced
    so memorably by John Todd in his presentation
  412. Not Synced
    "Meaning happens when the two people connect"
  413. Not Synced
    Very important
  414. Not Synced
    Much of the way education is set up
  415. Not Synced
    militates against each of these
  416. Not Synced
    let alone all of them together
  417. Not Synced
    and yet we all know
  418. Not Synced
    that one of the great things
  419. Not Synced
    about the technologies that we use
  420. Not Synced
    these information and communication technologies
  421. Not Synced
    is that they not only allow these things
  422. Not Synced
    they amplify them, they augment them
  423. Not Synced
    they turn them up to eleven
  424. Not Synced
    they make that feedback happen
  425. Not Synced
    and when I try to explain this to my students
  426. Not Synced
    I inevitably go to Jimmy Hendrix
  427. Not Synced
    playing the Star Spangled Banner
  428. Not Synced
    at Woodstock
  429. Not Synced
    and they say: "Why are you showing us this?"
  430. Not Synced
    and I say:
  431. Not Synced
    Because he knows how to control feedback
  432. Not Synced
    He knows how to play feedback
  433. Not Synced
    and that's what you need to know
  434. Not Synced
    The effects that get unleashed
  435. Not Synced
    in this recursive practice
  436. Not Synced
    I think are most powerful
  437. Not Synced
    on the open web
  438. Not Synced
    using Web 2.0 affordances
  439. Not Synced
    or whatever the web is going to be
  440. Not Synced
    as it goes forward
  441. Not Synced
    because the Web is not just a platform
  442. Not Synced
    for these things
  443. Not Synced
    it is the natural outgrowth of our desire
  444. Not Synced
    for these things
  445. Not Synced
    That makes the web itself recursive
  446. Not Synced
    And students have an intimation of that
  447. Not Synced
    you know,
  448. Not Synced
    they have a feeling about that
  449. Not Synced
    from their own use of social media
  450. Not Synced
    but they think that's somehow
  451. Not Synced
    I don't know
  452. Not Synced
    that couldn't be right
  453. Not Synced
    and they get to college and they find
  454. Not Synced
    that no, that really isn't right
  455. Not Synced
    we have a template for you, young man
  456. Not Synced
    but I think their intimations are correct
  457. Not Synced
    so what's the answer
  458. Not Synced
    I don't have it
  459. Not Synced
    however, here's a framework
  460. Not Synced
    for thinking about what...
  461. Not Synced
    this is what I use when I try to dream
  462. Not Synced
    as big as I can
  463. Not Synced
    I try to think about
  464. Not Synced
    helping students understand cyberinfrastructure
  465. Not Synced
    and how to build one for themselves
  466. Not Synced
    to be able to be architects of their own digital lives
  467. Not Synced
    which will mean as we go forward
  468. Not Synced
    that they need to be worrying about
  469. Not Synced
    the things we worry about
  470. Not Synced
    but productively together
  471. Not Synced
    narrating, curating, sharing
  472. Not Synced
    This is a definition of cyberinfrastructure
  473. Not Synced
    from the American Council of Learned Societies
  474. Not Synced
    in their report on cyberinfrastructure
  475. Not Synced
    called "Our Cultural Commonwealth"
  476. Not Synced
    Cyberinfrastructure is something more specific
  477. Not Synced
    than the network itself,
  478. Not Synced
    but it is something more general than a tool
  479. Not Synced
    or a resource developed for a particular project,
  480. Not Synced
    a range of projects, or, even more broadly,
  481. Not Synced
    for a particular discipline."
  482. Not Synced
    That's the sweet spot
  483. Not Synced
    It's not just the network
  484. Not Synced
    it's more specific than that
  485. Not Synced
    yet it's not so specific
  486. Not Synced
    that it's simply the tool you use
  487. Not Synced
    for a particular project or a domain
  488. Not Synced
    Something like an alphabet
  489. Not Synced
    Anybody here play Little Big Planet?
  490. Not Synced
    Little Big Planet people raise your hands.
  491. Not Synced
    OK, good
  492. Not Synced
    Little Big Planet people grab into the little sponge
  493. Not Synced
    Little Big Planet is a game done
  494. Not Synced
    by a company called Mollecule
  495. Not Synced
    for the Sony Playstation 3
  496. Not Synced
    So it's commercial
  497. Not Synced
    it's proprietary, etc...
  498. Not Synced
    That said, Little Big Planet is not the only game
  499. Not Synced
    to build authoring tools into the game
  500. Not Synced
    but it's one of the most conspicuously successful
  501. Not Synced
    at doing this
  502. Not Synced
    so when you buy Little Big Planet
  503. Not Synced
    you buy the game
  504. Not Synced
    and within the game
  505. Not Synced
    the tools to make more levels for that game
  506. Not Synced
    in other words
  507. Not Synced
    you're able to be within that environment
  508. Not Synced
    and be both a participant
  509. Not Synced
    and a producer if you choose to be
  510. Not Synced
    when you make the new levels
  511. Not Synced
    you can upload them
  512. Not Synced
    to the media Mollecule server
  513. Not Synced
    Oh yes,
  514. Not Synced
    they're getting great business advantage from this
  515. Not Synced
    but look at the way they're framing it.
  516. Not Synced
    You upload it to the server
  517. Not Synced
    then people can find you by author's name
  518. Not Synced
    they can find you by ranking
  519. Not Synced
    you can tag them
  520. Not Synced
    ingenious, fun, creepy, boring, brilliant, wow
  521. Not Synced
  522. Not Synced
    you can favourite the ones you like best
  523. Not Synced
    in about a year and a half
  524. Not Synced
    one million levels
  525. Not Synced
    have been uploaded
  526. Not Synced
    to the Little Big Planet server
  527. Not Synced
    at Media Mollecule
  528. Not Synced
    one million
  529. Not Synced
    let's say that the Theodore Sturgeon's Law is true
  530. Not Synced
    90%of them are piffle
  531. Not Synced
    there are still 100.000
  532. Not Synced
    and because my son is very patient with me
  533. Not Synced
    as a learner
  534. Not Synced
    though I am slow
  535. Not Synced
    the bonds of love mean that
  536. Not Synced
    he's going to be there for me
  537. Not Synced
    he has taken me through
  538. Not Synced
    some of these user-generated levels
  539. Not Synced
    and you know
  540. Not Synced
    they're really diverse
  541. Not Synced
    and they're really cool
  542. Not Synced
    and they're really interesting
  543. Not Synced
    they're examples of an outpouring of creativity
  544. Not Synced
    in what James Gee calls "the producerly mode"
  545. Not Synced
    in a subdomain of a larger domain
  546. Not Synced
    you could call it undergraduate research
  547. Not Synced
    you could call it service learning
  548. Not Synced
    you could call it situated cognition
  549. Not Synced
    you can call it any number of things
  550. Not Synced
    it's cool
  551. Not Synced
    it's fun
  552. Not Synced
    it's work
  553. Not Synced
    it involves the whole person
  554. Not Synced
    there's gotta be a way
  555. Not Synced
    that we can make it happen in education
  556. Not Synced
    more consistently than it does
  557. Not Synced
    or at least to think about it in these terms
  558. Not Synced
    so kids don't lose hope
  559. Not Synced
    Here's a Little Big Planet
  560. Not Synced
    It's the graphical user interface
  561. Not Synced
    called cPannel
  562. Not Synced
    for the hosting service
  563. Not Synced
    at Bluehost
  564. Not Synced
    which is where I've got my stuff
  565. Not Synced
    and my stuff is there
  566. Not Synced
    I have backups of my stuff
  567. Not Synced
    you know, I trust no-one
  568. Not Synced
    be a little skeptical
  569. Not Synced
    and yet I'm committed
  570. Not Synced
    Here are the things I can do with
  571. Not Synced
    the graphical user interface
  572. Not Synced
    at the level of systems administrator
  573. Not Synced
    or someone who plays one
  574. Not Synced
    through a GUI
  575. Not Synced
    Here are the things that I need to think about
  576. Not Synced
    Now look at this
  577. Not Synced
    this allows me to be producerly at the level of the server
  578. Not Synced
    for my own digital life.
  579. Not Synced
    There's a getting started wizard
  580. Not Synced
    okay that's fine
  581. Not Synced
    I need to know about changing passwords
  582. Not Synced
    I know sometimes my students think about
  583. Not Synced
    changing languages
  584. Not Synced
    that would be really cool, etcetera
  585. Not Synced
    email, managing your own email
  586. Not Synced
    you can have a thousand, two thousand email boxes in here
  587. Not Synced
    your file system
  588. Not Synced
    they've got to know about that
  589. Not Synced
    these are not terribly difficult things
  590. Not Synced
    but they are important
  591. Not Synced
    and taken as a system
  592. Not Synced
    they become more important
  593. Not Synced
    I like my students to have a digital presence
  594. Not Synced
    where they can track who comes to see them
  595. Not Synced
    it's an important part of the narrating, curating and sharing
  596. Not Synced
    and it can all be automated of course
  597. Not Synced
    and you've got a choice among several
  598. Not Synced
    security - we'd want our students to think about that, right?
  599. Not Synced
    but I'd want them to think about it as digital citizens
  600. Not Synced
    architects of their own cyberspace
  601. Not Synced
    not as people who have to find the website
  602. Not Synced
    that tells them what safe computing is all about
  603. Not Synced
    at our school
  604. Not Synced
    That should go without saying
  605. Not Synced
    because they're thinking about this already
  606. Not Synced
    They're going to have multiple domains
  607. Not Synced
    or they should.
  608. Not Synced
  609. Not Synced
    Data Literacy is vital
  610. Not Synced
    Can they have a nodding acquaintance with databases?
  611. Not Synced
  612. Not Synced
    and then the software down here
  613. Not Synced
    this is kind of interesting
  614. Not Synced
    software and services
  615. Not Synced
    one click: which blogging platform would you like?
  616. Not Synced
    try out several
  617. Not Synced
    groupware, livechat, utilities, content management,
  618. Not Synced
    client management
  619. Not Synced
    do we have to do all of those?
  620. Not Synced
  621. Not Synced
    Do they have to read all the books in the library?
  622. Not Synced
  623. Not Synced
    Do they have to take all the courses in the catalogue?
  624. Not Synced
  625. Not Synced
    Why do we have more there?
  626. Not Synced
    To amplify the possibilities
  627. Not Synced
    To give them some room to roam
  628. Not Synced
    Some room for discovery
  629. Not Synced
    A place to play
  630. Not Synced
    I mean, those of you who've heard
  631. Not Synced
    either Jim or me or Martha Burgess talk about
  632. Not Synced
    The Bluehost Experiment
  633. Not Synced
    in Washington
  634. Not Synced
    where we essentially let the staff loose in this environment
  635. Not Synced
    This is the next step for that
  636. Not Synced
    in my Little Big Planet
  637. Not Synced
    put the students in this kind of sandbox
  638. Not Synced
    let them play, let them innovate, let them discover
  639. Not Synced
    what if you give it to 4000 students
  640. Not Synced
    and there are only 100 works of staggering genius emerging
  641. Not Synced
    oh well, that would be ok
  642. Not Synced
    more scripts, e-commerce
  643. Not Synced
    marketing, photo galleries
  644. Not Synced
    webmails, website builders
  645. Not Synced
    a couple of wikis
  646. Not Synced
    and you can get in there and install your own
  647. Not Synced
    they don't have a one click install for me wiki
  648. Not Synced
    which is a regrettable omission but
  649. Not Synced
    you can get in there
  650. Not Synced
    that's pretty outlandish
  651. Not Synced
    when we were South by Southwest
  652. Not Synced
    somebody very some high I'd say
  653. Not Synced
    at the end of the presentation said:
  654. Not Synced
    Are you saying that our students
  655. Not Synced
    need to be system administrators?
  656. Not Synced
    and I thought about it
  657. Not Synced
    and my first impulse was:
  658. Not Synced
    Oh No, not at all..that would be extreme
  659. Not Synced
    and than I thought twice and said
  660. Not Synced
    Yes, actually that is what I want them to be
  661. Not Synced
    system administrators
  662. Not Synced
    if it is easy enough to do
  663. Not Synced
    which the graphical front makes it
  664. Not Synced
    and if system is understood
  665. Not Synced
    not just as a particular installation
  666. Not Synced
    but as a metaphor for their digital lives
  667. Not Synced
    they'll have to be system administrators
  668. Not Synced
    for their digital lives
  669. Not Synced
    what are they going to do when they graduate?
  670. Not Synced
    what are they going to do when
  671. Not Synced
    they're raising children?
  672. Not Synced
    None of this is going to roll back as we move forward
  673. Not Synced
    Every book will be digitized
  674. Not Synced
    Every journal will be digitized
  675. Not Synced
    That's a good thing potentially
  676. Not Synced
    but only if people are able to think about this
  677. Not Synced
    in this personal way
  678. Not Synced
    "When radar was new it was found necessary
  679. Not Synced
    to eliminate the balloon system for city protection
  680. Not Synced
    that had preceded the radar.
  681. Not Synced
    The balloons got in the way of the electric feedback
  682. Not Synced
    of the new radar information.
  683. Not Synced
    Do you get that?
  684. Not Synced
    The advanced defensive capability
  685. Not Synced
    was stymied by the old defensive capability
  686. Not Synced
    Such may well prove to be the case with much
  687. Not Synced
    of our existing school curriculum...
  688. Not Synced
    I think that's true
  689. Not Synced
    Let's talk about openess a little bit
  690. Not Synced
    What does it mean to be open?
  691. Not Synced
    When we talk about openess we usually think
  692. Not Synced
    to be open to the world
  693. Not Synced
    Everyboy can see it
  694. Not Synced
    That's where you're going to be exposed to
  695. Not Synced
    the most massive network effects
  696. Not Synced
    So I like this, obviously
  697. Not Synced
    I think a lot of us here do
  698. Not Synced
    although there have been
  699. Not Synced
    some really good interrogations of the idea
  700. Not Synced
    but there are other levels of openness as well
  701. Not Synced
    or to put it another way
  702. Not Synced
    places that are closed where we can't see
  703. Not Synced
    the things are closed
  704. Not Synced
    What about being open to each other in a learning community?
  705. Not Synced
    What about the teacher to the learner?
  706. Not Synced
    and the learners open to each other?
  707. Not Synced
    To what extent does the Blackboard discussion forum
  708. Not Synced
    make the participants actually open to each other
  709. Not Synced
    To what extent are learners
  710. Not Synced
    ready to talk about their vulnerabilities to the teacher
  711. Not Synced
    and oh, maybe they're not willing to do that
  712. Not Synced
    because the teacher is not willing
  713. Not Synced
    to talk about his or her vulnerabilities to the learner
  714. Not Synced
    Vulnerabilities are fine
  715. Not Synced
    That's actually where the learning happens
  716. Not Synced
    To know as we are known requires identity markers
  717. Not Synced
    this is a non-trivial factor
  718. Not Synced
    Any adult that says this is a trivial factor
  719. Not Synced
    has forgotten what is was like to decorate a locker
  720. Not Synced
    or is denying the fact that they actually agonized
  721. Not Synced
    over the choice of the Welcome mat for their front door
  722. Not Synced
    These are non-trivial factors
  723. Not Synced
    and finally open to ourselves
  724. Not Synced
    To what extent do the learning experiences
  725. Not Synced
    we co-create or impose
  726. Not Synced
    open us up to self-awareness or meta-cognition
  727. Not Synced
    The thing about the personal cyberinfrastructure
  728. Not Synced
    is that once the students have begun to build it
  729. Not Synced
    it can then be the object of
  730. Not Synced
    narration, curation and sharing itself
  731. Not Synced
    at a meta level
  732. Not Synced
    let's get together and talk about
  733. Not Synced
    the cyberinfrastructure you built
  734. Not Synced
    why did you build it that way?
  735. Not Synced
    what does that represent about you as a learner?
  736. Not Synced
    or as an architect?
  737. Not Synced
    what the one I built?
  738. Not Synced
    what if we modularize
  739. Not Synced
    and start swapping it among ourselves?
  740. Not Synced
    like levels of a game.
  741. Not Synced
    where we can rank the efficacy of the various modules
  742. Not Synced
    we built on our own and together
  743. Not Synced
    then you learn something about yourself
  744. Not Synced
    that would be ok
  745. Not Synced
    This is a discussion forum in Blackboard
  746. Not Synced
    it looks like email
  747. Not Synced
    Why does it look like email?
  748. Not Synced
    That's a rethorical question.
  749. Not Synced
    It's perfectly transactional
  750. Not Synced
    It moves data from one point to another
  751. Not Synced
    The trouble is that's not a learning community
  752. Not Synced
    Where's the decorated locker?
  753. Not Synced
    Where's the doodle on the notebook?
  754. Not Synced
    Where's the marker of identity?
  755. Not Synced
    Well, it's here.
  756. Not Synced
  757. Not Synced
    one click install
  758. Not Synced
    from cPannel
  759. Not Synced
    Oh, you can have an avatar
  760. Not Synced
    Oh, you can choose a username
  761. Not Synced
    Oh you can have a SIG file
  762. Not Synced
    a non-trivial marker of identity
  763. Not Synced
    it looks nicer
  764. Not Synced
    oh yeah, this post was Wednesday January 16th 2008
  765. Not Synced
    January 18th 2008 while the class was going on
  766. Not Synced
    that forum kept active for about 6 months
  767. Not Synced
    after the class was over
  768. Not Synced
  769. Not Synced
    I set it up but I did not choose the templates
  770. Not Synced
    for their expressions of themselves
  771. Not Synced
    and their identity in that space
  772. Not Synced
    there was enough openness
  773. Not Synced
    that they could decorate their lockers
  774. Not Synced
    some of the forum belonged to them
  775. Not Synced
    Well, that was kind of interesting
  776. Not Synced
    This thread belonged to them too, BTW
  777. Not Synced
    but that's another story
  778. Not Synced
    What do we believe?
  779. Not Synced
    "The aspiration of our times for
  780. Not Synced
    wholeness, empathy and depth of awareness
  781. Not Synced
    is a natural adjunct of electric technology...
  782. Not Synced
    The mark of our time is its revulsion
  783. Not Synced
    against imposed patterns.
  784. Not Synced
    We are suddenly eager to have things
  785. Not Synced
    and people declare their beings totally.
  786. Not Synced
    There is a deep faith to be found
  787. Not Synced
    in this new attitude
  788. Not Synced
    - a faith that concerns
  789. Not Synced
    the ultimate harmony of all being."
  790. Not Synced
    Strikes you as Utopian?
  791. Not Synced
    Strikes you as over-stated?
  792. Not Synced
    Is it the Music of the Spheres?
  793. Not Synced
    I think some kind of faith
  794. Not Synced
    Something like this underlies education
  795. Not Synced
    Unless we think we are just training Pavlov's dogs
  796. Not Synced
    We want people
  797. Not Synced
    who will find those strange correspondences
  798. Not Synced
    and make them audible
  799. Not Synced
    to each other and to us
  800. Not Synced
    Can a personal cyberinfrastructure do it?
  801. Not Synced
    I don't know
  802. Not Synced
    I've never got any chance to try that out
  803. Not Synced
    I know what happened
  804. Not Synced
    when the staff did it at Mary Washington
  805. Not Synced
    It was not uniform
  806. Not Synced
    and the story that doesn't usually get told
  807. Not Synced
    is that it took 2 1/2 years
  808. Not Synced
    of kicking, screaming, biting (that's a metaphor)
  809. Not Synced
    There was actually some screaming
  810. Not Synced
    of people saying:
  811. Not Synced
    How many minutes a day
  812. Not Synced
    do you want me to blog, Gardner?"
  813. Not Synced
    I got that, absolutely
  814. Not Synced
    I had to bite my tongue because
  815. Not Synced
    I was about to say
  816. Not Synced
    You know, I get that questions from my students a lot
  817. Not Synced
    but that would've been bad
  818. Not Synced
    that would've been very, very bad
  819. Not Synced
    but it's the same idea, it's like
  820. Not Synced
    Can I turn this into a transaction yet?
  821. Not Synced
    Can I make this job into just a job of work?
  822. Not Synced
    and you know, beneath all of that
  823. Not Synced
    there are all sorts of anxieties
  824. Not Synced
    they may be principle resistances
  825. Not Synced
    there could be a lot of things
  826. Not Synced
    so there was a long way to get there
  827. Not Synced
    but when we got there
  828. Not Synced
    well, we got there
  829. Not Synced
    and there are five more
  830. Not Synced
    sent back
  831. Not Synced
    who got there too
  832. Not Synced
    Perfect? No
  833. Not Synced
    Decisively different? Yeah
  834. Not Synced
    So is this our default?
  835. Not Synced
    Is this critical thinking?
  836. Not Synced
    I don't know
  837. Not Synced
    We live in a risky, dangerous environment
  838. Not Synced
    full of people who are trying to manipulate us
  839. Not Synced
    and pick our pockets
  840. Not Synced
    That's undeniably true
  841. Not Synced
    It is true that people acting in what they will say
  842. Not Synced
    will be your best interest.
  843. Not Synced
    so hoping that at some point
  844. Not Synced
    Stockholm syndrome kicks in
  845. Not Synced
    you identify with your capturers and go willingly
  846. Not Synced
    enjoying the digital facelift or whatever it is
  847. Not Synced
    but this for me can't be the default
  848. Not Synced
    and part of why it's so exciting
  849. Not Synced
    for me to be at this conference
  850. Not Synced
    is that there is another way to think about this
  851. Not Synced
    there's another way to think about confidence
  852. Not Synced
    Maybe narrating, curating and sharing
  853. Not Synced
    breeds confidence
  854. Not Synced
    "Western man acquired from the technology of literacy
  855. Not Synced
    the power to act without reacting...
  856. Not Synced
    Not a bad thing
  857. Not Synced
    as the write points out
  858. Not Synced
    it's important that the surgeon
  859. Not Synced
    not be overwhelmed when performing the surgery
  860. Not Synced
    In the electric age
  861. Not Synced
    when our central nervous system
  862. Not Synced
    is technologically extended to involve us
  863. Not Synced
    in the whole of mankind
  864. Not Synced
    and to incorporate the whole mankind in us,
  865. Not Synced
    (and make that human kind)
  866. Not Synced
    we necessarily participate, in depth,
  867. Not Synced
    in the consequences of our every action
  868. Not Synced
    That's what we all fear,
  869. Not Synced
    its what we all long for, I think.
  870. Not Synced
    that's somehow even the small things
  871. Not Synced
    can be meaningful
  872. Not Synced
    Anybody who watches a Twitter stream
  873. Not Synced
    in, during and on election,
  874. Not Synced
    wants to feel this way
  875. Not Synced
    It is no longer possible to adopt the aloof
  876. Not Synced
    and dissociated role of the literate Westerner
  877. Not Synced
    Overstated? Sure
  878. Not Synced
    Extreme? Maybe.
  879. Not Synced
    Aloof and dissociated role of the literate professor
  880. Not Synced
  881. Not Synced
    Such is the faith in which this book was written
  882. Not Synced
    It explores the contours of our own extended beings
  883. Not Synced
    and our tecnologies
  884. Not Synced
    seeking the principle of intelligibility in each of them.
  885. Not Synced
    For me the idea of the personal cyberinfrastructure
  886. Not Synced
    is about the search of the principle of intelligibility
  887. Not Synced
    in our technologies
  888. Not Synced
    What the personal infrastructure would be
  889. Not Synced
    is a representation.
  890. Not Synced
    A creative representation
  891. Not Synced
    of that intelligibility
  892. Not Synced
    maybe of that search as well
  893. Not Synced
    In the full confidence that it is possible
  894. Not Synced
    to win an understanding of these forms
  895. Not Synced
    that will bring them into orderly service
  896. Not Synced
    I've looked at them anew
  897. Not Synced
    accepting very little of the conventional wisdom
  898. Not Synced
    concerning them."
  899. Not Synced
    I'm glad that a Canadian did that.
  900. Not Synced
    Aside from Clay Shirky,
  901. Not Synced
    the quotations I read
  902. Not Synced
    were from Marshall Mc Luhan
  903. Not Synced
    in Understanding Media, 1964.
  904. Not Synced
    I don't know what you knew about Marshall Mc Luhan
  905. Not Synced
    when you were going through school
  906. Not Synced
    what I knew about him was
  907. Not Synced
    how he had a cameo in any hall.
  908. Not Synced
    I was cheated in my education
  909. Not Synced
    Along with some genuinely bizarre things
  910. Not Synced
    there were genuinelly prophetic things
  911. Not Synced
    in this book
  912. Not Synced
    and I think they aligned very well
  913. Not Synced
    with some of the sense of urgency
  914. Not Synced
    and some of the scope of ambition
  915. Not Synced
    that we all feel,
  916. Not Synced
    that we all share
  917. Not Synced
    at a conference like this
  918. Not Synced
    The personal cyberinfrastructure
  919. Not Synced
    may not be the only way to learn this alphabet
  920. Not Synced
    but I'd like to try sometime.
  921. Not Synced
  922. Not Synced
    Rather than bore you with any of my details
  923. Not Synced
    let's not lose some of this thread to this
  924. Not Synced
    does anyone have any questions for Gardner?
  925. Not Synced
    Yes, please
  926. Not Synced
    So I was wondering
  927. Not Synced
    some of the examples of software that you
  928. Not Synced
    that's easily installed that you provided
  929. Not Synced
    are forums and things like that
  930. Not Synced
    if everybody has their own
  931. Not Synced
    some of these become more useful in agreggate, right?
  932. Not Synced
    so, have you thought about sort of
  933. Not Synced
    certain things being sort of you know,
  934. Not Synced
    individual elements of a presence in cyber insfrastructure
  935. Not Synced
    others aggregating or working across federation
  936. Not Synced
    Excellent question
  937. Not Synced
    In my dream world the student...
  938. Not Synced
    Bryan Alexander is a champion
  939. Not Synced
    I do not want your bread right now
  940. Not Synced
    but when you are well again, I'd like it
  941. Not Synced
    So the idea would be
  942. Not Synced
    the student's Baker Club gets together
  943. Not Synced
    and they talk about how they're going to organize
  944. Not Synced
    and of course something is going to be online
  945. Not Synced
    because it needs to be
  946. Not Synced
    because of these affordances
  947. Not Synced
    One student says:
  948. Not Synced
    I could put a phpbb forum
  949. Not Synced
    Another student says
  950. Not Synced
    Yeah, and actually did you know
  951. Not Synced
    there was this add on?
  952. Not Synced
    and then as a group they agree
  953. Not Synced
    1) it would be better to have one forum
  954. Not Synced
    rather than multiple forums
  955. Not Synced
    2) they aggregate their knowledge about
  956. Not Synced
    what would be the best instance of that
  957. Not Synced
    3) they put it together
  958. Not Synced
    and by doing that
  959. Not Synced
    the lights will go out,
  960. Not Synced
    the tables will rise
  961. Not Synced
    we will join hands and sing
  962. Not Synced
    In doing that
  963. Not Synced
    what they will be doing is discussing
  964. Not Synced
    a particular scripting affordance on a server
  965. Not Synced
    but they will be doing it strategically,
  966. Not Synced
    in terms of communication needs
  967. Not Synced
    and organizational excellence
  968. Not Synced
    Doing something other than on a surface level
  969. Not Synced
    That's the one of the way I imagine it , yeah
  970. Not Synced
  971. Not Synced
    to a certain degree, yeah
  972. Not Synced
    in my experience IT departments
  973. Not Synced
    will not have thought in a sophisticated way
  974. Not Synced
    about how a blog or a discussion forum differ
  975. Not Synced
  976. Not Synced
    or how they may be able to shape
  977. Not Synced
    student communication
  978. Not Synced
    and that's okay in a way
  979. Not Synced
    as long as they don't prescribe the tools
  980. Not Synced
    or limit the tools
  981. Not Synced
    I have an IT department at
  982. Not Synced
    and they're very good at keeping, you know,
  983. Not Synced
    things up to date and the backups
  984. Not Synced
    they're usually very good at that
  985. Not Synced
    and so forth
  986. Not Synced
    that's their work
  987. Not Synced
    but what they have done is to provide me affordances
  988. Not Synced
    that I can explore
  989. Not Synced
    so, yeah, I mean I think there is
  990. Not Synced
    ideally there would be some interest
  991. Not Synced
    in the rhetorical questions in the IT shop
  992. Not Synced
    and by building a cyber infrastructure
  993. Not Synced
    the students would begin to understand
  994. Not Synced
    something of what goes on mechanically as well
  995. Not Synced
    there would be a greater opportunity for conversation
  996. Not Synced
    you know, I think it would be ok
  997. Not Synced
    if the students made something that broke
  998. Not Synced
    They would learn from that, I think
  999. Not Synced
    I also think that
  1000. Not Synced
    building on what Gardner said
  1001. Not Synced
    as a response to your question
  1002. Not Synced
    that the actual cyber infrastructure
  1003. Not Synced
    as posed by an individual, a domain and a space
  1004. Not Synced
    allows IT departments
  1005. Not Synced
    to re-imagine this question
  1006. Not Synced
    of aggregating, syndicating information
  1007. Not Synced
    as it is happening
  1008. Not Synced
    around space
  1009. Not Synced
    so it does not mean like
  1010. Not Synced
    the IT department disappears, or somehow the enemy
  1011. Not Synced
    but it allows them to re-imagine this notion of flow
  1012. Not Synced
    and this kind of property of electricity
  1013. Not Synced
    that McLuhan is talking about so beautifully
  1014. Not Synced
    and if we are talking about electricity and flow
  1015. Not Synced
    we're talking about a new property
  1016. Not Synced
    by which we can start to imagine space
  1017. Not Synced
    through the students having their own
  1018. Not Synced
    and so IT departments
  1019. Not Synced
    should be as much excited about
  1020. Not Synced
    the possibilities for this
  1021. Not Synced
    rather than an age old against them
  1022. Not Synced
    it's not, I mean
  1023. Not Synced
    it's a kind of matter of us working together
  1024. Not Synced
    to re-imagine the space
  1025. Not Synced
    and I think that's why the immediate call back to that
  1026. Not Synced
    doesn't capture, I think
  1027. Not Synced
    what that model sets up
  1028. Not Synced
    as a notion and a mode of aggregation
  1029. Not Synced
    to kind of build into the syndication
  1030. Not Synced
    You have your own cyber infrastructure
  1031. Not Synced
    and then you re-imagine it
  1032. Not Synced
    and then IT department think about
  1033. Not Synced
    what that means
  1034. Not Synced
    right, and
  1035. Not Synced much time do we have?
  1036. Not Synced
  1037. Not Synced
    Great talk. I'm reminded of Larry Cuban's book
  1038. Not Synced
    Teachers and Machines
  1039. Not Synced
    which sort of talks about resistance
  1040. Not Synced
    that the educational system has
  1041. Not Synced
    to introductions of technology
  1042. Not Synced
    and changing actual educational practice
  1043. Not Synced
    wondering if you might comment on
  1044. Not Synced
    your thoughts about how
  1045. Not Synced
    the open educational resources movement
  1046. Not Synced
    might make a difference
  1047. Not Synced
    in overcoming that structural resistance
  1048. Not Synced
    and well, this kind of loops into the IT question as well
  1049. Not Synced
    it's very easy to paint faculty as stodgy
  1050. Not Synced
    faculty as vilains
  1051. Not Synced
    and sometimes it's true
  1052. Not Synced
    and you know it's easy to say that IT is
  1053. Not Synced
    the enemy because they can't think outside the box
  1054. Not Synced
    sometimes it's true, you know
  1055. Not Synced
    but there are plenty of people in both domains
  1056. Not Synced
    who, if they are able to see compelling examples
  1057. Not Synced
    of fresh thinking
  1058. Not Synced
    will say wow..that's cool
  1059. Not Synced
    I'd like to do that
  1060. Not Synced
    I think that would have addressed
  1061. Not Synced
    what I was thinking about with my students
  1062. Not Synced
    just last semester
  1063. Not Synced
    that would have gotten me past this point
  1064. Not Synced
    where I wasn't able to get them
  1065. Not Synced
    to read carefully
  1066. Not Synced
    before they come to class
  1067. Not Synced
    but that
  1068. Not Synced
    and this is one of the great sorrows for me
  1069. Not Synced
    as a faculty member
  1070. Not Synced
    with regard to Learning Management Systems
  1071. Not Synced
    aside from all the other sorrows
  1072. Not Synced
    I can't see what my colleagues are doing
  1073. Not Synced
    and I mean seeing it on the Web
  1074. Not Synced
    so I can look at it carefully
  1075. Not Synced
    and speak to them intelligently about it
  1076. Not Synced
    Why did you design it that way?
  1077. Not Synced
    What did you learn from it?
  1078. Not Synced
    And I think the same thing is true for IT folks
  1079. Not Synced
    when they go to..I've been to some IT conferences
  1080. Not Synced
    and , you know, a lot of times
  1081. Not Synced
    what they are hearing about
  1082. Not Synced
    are anecdotes of spectacular catastrophes
  1083. Not Synced
    or whatever
  1084. Not Synced
    but you're not able to actually...
  1085. Not Synced
    and there may be some good reasons for this
  1086. Not Synced
    to some extent
  1087. Not Synced
    but they're not able to see
  1088. Not Synced
    dazzling examples of innovation
  1089. Not Synced
    in a very easy and accessible way
  1090. Not Synced
    so I think that open educational resources
  1091. Not Synced
    is a lot more than about exposing content
  1092. Not Synced
    it's about exposing these compelling examples
  1093. Not Synced
    of other ways to do it
  1094. Not Synced
    it's like being able to see multiple
  1095. Not Synced
    performances of Shakespeare
  1096. Not Synced
    Oh..never thought of reading the line that way
  1097. Not Synced
    so the play transforms
  1098. Not Synced
    I don't know if that answers your question
  1099. Not Synced
    but, yeah...ok
  1100. Not Synced
    So Gardner, is it too late for them to become curators
  1101. Not Synced
    once they get into Higher Education
  1102. Not Synced
    So, you know, cPannel for me
  1103. Not Synced
    I could do that..I'm an IT guy
  1104. Not Synced
    I think I think critically about affordances
  1105. Not Synced
    but at the same time
  1106. Not Synced
    is it too late?
  1107. Not Synced
    I daughter's eight
  1108. Not Synced
    she has a blog, domain of her own
  1109. Not Synced
    shouldn't be starting there?
  1110. Not Synced
    we get them for four years here, right?
  1111. Not Synced
    maybe seven
  1112. Not Synced
    how do we drop down?
  1113. Not Synced
    somebody said it's too late...too late
  1114. Not Synced
    I mean I don't know what that idea
  1115. Not Synced
    of what too late means
  1116. Not Synced
    I mean we're always in midias res with this stuff
  1117. Not Synced
    we're always coming into it and imagining it
  1118. Not Synced
    and Gardner, to refine Gardner,
  1119. Not Synced
    in that whole of the IT is like
  1120. Not Synced
    so many people that I have talked about it
  1121. Not Synced
    and inspired back are right here at UBC
  1122. Not Synced
    Andrew who is coming from an IT perspective
  1123. Not Synced
    was just blowing my mind again and again
  1124. Not Synced
    and Scott Mc Millan, I mean
  1125. Not Synced
    These are people who are in that space
  1126. Not Synced
    who are seeing these examples
  1127. Not Synced
    and you're kind of rip and remixing it
  1128. Not Synced
    from this space to kind of think about
  1129. Not Synced
    wow, we can actually play with these modes
  1130. Not Synced
    and re-imagine them
  1131. Not Synced
    and I think, wouldn't students also experience that?
  1132. Not Synced
    at any given point in that kind of narrative?
  1133. Not Synced
    excuse me, how much further we would be pushed, right
  1134. Not Synced
    in the academy, if our students were coming to us
  1135. Not Synced
    thinking critically about it?
  1136. Not Synced
    Yeah, that's right
  1137. Not Synced
    so there are a couple of things I want to say
  1138. Not Synced
    in response to that
  1139. Not Synced
    One is that there is
  1140. Not Synced
    a developmental aspect in education,
  1141. Not Synced
    which is fine with me
  1142. Not Synced
    What it means is that
  1143. Not Synced
    at every point along the learning continuum
  1144. Not Synced
    it will be advantageous for
  1145. Not Synced
    a mentor, a guide, an expert, a teacher
  1146. Not Synced
    to be there to coach the student
  1147. Not Synced
    to their zone of proximal development
  1148. Not Synced
    that's fine
  1149. Not Synced
    another way to say that is
  1150. Not Synced
    that I do not believe that students will make
  1151. Not Synced
    automatically on their own
  1152. Not Synced
    to their own innate drive for self-improvement
  1153. Not Synced
    all the best, you know, choices
  1154. Not Synced
    I think there is a role for teaching
  1155. Not Synced
    Now, there's also the developmental capacity
  1156. Not Synced
    of the human mind, you know
  1157. Not Synced
    kids at a certain age are able to distinguish
  1158. Not Synced
    like varying levels of volume
  1159. Not Synced
    and different sizes of containers
  1160. Not Synced
    and at an earlier age, they're not able to
  1161. Not Synced
    so something actually happens in the brain
  1162. Not Synced
    that makes that next thing kick in
  1163. Not Synced
    ahm, so there's always going to be
  1164. Not Synced
    it seems to me
  1165. Not Synced
    some way in which
  1166. Not Synced
    the particular developmental moment
  1167. Not Synced
    will impose certain kinds of constraints
  1168. Not Synced
    That said and if anybody knows about
  1169. Not Synced
    Jerome Bruner's idea of the spiral curriculum
  1170. Not Synced
    that's where it comes from
  1171. Not Synced
    there's an authentic version of any concept
  1172. Not Synced
    that can be taught to any child
  1173. Not Synced
    who can read and write
  1174. Not Synced
    you pitch it to the appropriate level of development
  1175. Not Synced
    and you keep coming back to it
  1176. Not Synced
    spiralling upward and upward and upward
  1177. Not Synced
    until that magic hand off moment
  1178. Not Synced
    which I think often happens and should happen
  1179. Not Synced
    in the upper grades of high school
  1180. Not Synced
    if it doesn't happen till college
  1181. Not Synced
    it's still not too late
  1182. Not Synced
    it's part of the great jolt I got when I got to college
  1183. Not Synced
    I felt like they had handed the spiral to me
  1184. Not Synced
    it's like okay - we've brought you around
  1185. Not Synced
    we've brought you around, we've brought you around
  1186. Not Synced
    it's your spiral now, you know,
  1187. Not Synced
    keep finding the level of the concept
  1188. Not Synced
    that gets you to the next spot
  1189. Not Synced
    Be your own coach to your own zone
  1190. Not Synced
    of proximal development
  1191. Not Synced
    and this is something I left out
  1192. Not Synced
    and I should put before you before we're done
  1193. Not Synced
    This won't work until it's built into the curriculum
  1194. Not Synced
    I don't want you to think that what I'm proposing
  1195. Not Synced
    is that kids just get assigned these web spaces
  1196. Not Synced
    and that's it and that they will magically
  1197. Not Synced
    through tinkering come up with good stuff
  1198. Not Synced
    This would be an amazing meeting ground
  1199. Not Synced
    for digital experts in the discipline
  1200. Not Synced
    librarians, advisors, student life people, edtech folks
  1201. Not Synced
    instructional designers
  1202. Not Synced
    Can you imagine?
  1203. Not Synced
    My feeling is students would come in
  1204. Not Synced
    and their whole first year experience
  1205. Not Synced
    would be digital fluency
  1206. Not Synced
    by means of building out
  1207. Not Synced
    this personal cyber infrastructure
  1208. Not Synced
    the first iteration of it
  1209. Not Synced
    then at the end of your first year
  1210. Not Synced
    let's have a ceremony
  1211. Not Synced
    let's have a party
  1212. Not Synced
    pick the domain that's going to be your domain
  1213. Not Synced
    for the next three years
  1214. Not Synced
    and make a decision there
  1215. Not Synced
    it's all coming of age
  1216. Not Synced
    it's an occasion
  1217. Not Synced
    you have to have these rites of passage
  1218. Not Synced
    but for that whole first year
  1219. Not Synced
    they're thinking about narrating, curating and sharing
  1220. Not Synced
    for the rest of their lives as learners
  1221. Not Synced
    and I think it could be pretty neat
  1222. Not Synced
    you know, a pretty interesting thing to do
  1223. Not Synced
    I want to be on that team
  1224. Not Synced
    that works with students
  1225. Not Synced
    to say,'re about to do work
  1226. Not Synced
    that you ought to be able to care about
  1227. Not Synced
    for the rest of your life
  1228. Not Synced
    if you haven't done it already
  1229. Not Synced
    and, I, to get back to your original question
  1230. Not Synced
    one of the most gifted students that I've run across
  1231. Not Synced
    in my career is a fellow
  1232. Not Synced
    I just taught at Baylor last spring
  1233. Not Synced
    he's got his own YouTube channel
  1234. Not Synced
    you know, Stop Motion Lego Animation
  1235. Not Synced
    its most popular stuff gets 40 - 50.000 views
  1236. Not Synced
    that's been going on since he was 13 or 14
  1237. Not Synced
    so yeah, what if that was baked into the curriculum?
  1238. Not Synced
    in high school?
  1239. Not Synced
    then they would push us, absolutely
  1240. Not Synced
    Yeah, ok thanks