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  1. So, first things first.

  2. You'll need to create a new app and
  3. set it up in the same ways
    you set up the last app.
  4. That means you'll need to go
    through these steps again.
  5. So first, you'll create a new
    app with a single view.
  6. Then, you'll add the services
    libraries to Build.gradle.
  7. Then, you'll edit your Android.manifest
    by putting the services libraries,
  8. the open GL stuff, the API key, and
  9. the internet, network state, and
    write external storage permissions.
  10. Check that you've done each of these,
    and if you need to review how to do
  11. this, refer to the answer video for
    creating and configuring the app earlier
  12. in the lesson,
    where we showed a simple fragment.
  13. When you're done with all of that,
    check this box to continue.