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  1. Number 5: Violent video games.
  2. This comes from Shawn.
  3. "Should a Christian play violent video games
  4. like shooting games or fighting games?"
  5. I would just say this:
  6. Is killing good or bad? Is it right or wrong?
  7. Does it encourage Christ-likeness or ungodliness?
  8. The psalmist says, "I will not set before my eyes,
  9. anything that is worthless."
  10. Everything we allow into our lives
  11. or don't allow into our lives,
  12. we need to ask about worth.
  13. I already quoted to you Philippians 1:9
  14. where Paul says that his prayer is that
  15. we would get to the place where
  16. we would approve of that which is excellent.
  17. Excellency has to do with worth.
  18. Folks, we need to get to a place
  19. where we've got discernment.
  20. To be able to discern good and bad.
  21. If we're to abstain or abhor that which is evil,
  22. but cling to that which is good,
  23. we've got to be a place where we're able
  24. to make these evaluations.
  25. Where we're able to make discernments.
  26. One of the reasons that some of the questions
  27. are even being asked about violent video games
  28. or heavy metal rock is because these young people
  29. don't know the Bible.
  30. If they knew the Bible,
  31. it's clear what Scripture says.
  32. Again, it comes back to this,
  33. are we trying to be as worldly as possible
  34. and still be a Christian?
  35. Or are we truly seeking to live excellently?