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  1. So 413 is some kind of numeric value,
    in Python or C we'd say it's int.
  2. In SQL, we'd use the whole word integer.
  3. Georgia here is a string,
    or a piece of text,
  4. we don't know which Georgia it means,
    but it's definitely a string.
  5. 15 comma negative 5 down here,
    that could be a pair of two numbers, or
  6. we could call it a geometric point,
    or 2D coordinates.
  7. Ursus arctos over here is a text string,
    that's the genus and
  8. species of brown bears, by the way.
  9. And is an ip address,
    in some systems that
  10. might the same type as a number, but
    it can be treated very differently too.
  11. So Georgia and
    ursus arctos are both strings.
  12. They don't have the same
    sort of meaning, but
  13. they definitely have the same type.