Is Your Corporate Narrative Consistent with Your Brand?

Every brand has story. Not one, but many that collectively make up the narrative of the brand and the business. These “corporate narratives” help shape how a company, and their brands are perceived in the market. But there are other forces as well that help shape the perception of a brand, such as the media, competitors and even their customers. In the age of pervasive media, building an evergreen brand requires a strong corporate narrative that is both deliberate and delivered through the right channels at the right time.
What is a corporate narrative and how does it impact the future of a business?
What does architecture for a corporate narrative look like, and how does it influence branding and messaging?
What are some of the critical steps in ensuring that your organization remains on-point and focused as stewards of a brand?
Be sure to catch this interview with Fred McClimans and Alan Berkson.