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  1. So to understand query world a bit more, you going to
  2. add another filter to the query in your query playground
  3. method. So now here we get all the conferences, sorted
  4. by name, filter on the city is London, e filter on
  5. topics is medical innovations, filter on month is six. But
  6. now I'm going to add one more filter, I want to filter
  7. on max attendees greater than ten. Now I'm going to run
  8. this query on localhost. I'm going to try it out in the
  9. APIs Explorer. Oops. Got an error. How did that happen?
  10. But look, it's got some good information in here. If
  11. you get an error, read it carefully. Remember, you can
  12. copy and paste it into an editor that renders HTML
  13. to make it easier to read. So it's now your
  14. turn to add an inequality filter. Add a filter for
  15. max attendees greater than ten, and then go ahead and
  16. try the query on localhost. And test it out using
  17. the APIs Explorer. I'm guessing that you're
  18. going to get an error. But what caused
  19. the error? Is it because the first sort order is a name, but the
  20. inequality filter is on max attendees? Or is it because the composite index does
  21. not exist? Or is it because you have too many inequality filters in one query?